President Obama has created a secret death panel to decide which American citizens should be killed without trial by our own military, and he approved a secret legal memorandum from the Office of Legal Council (OLC) that tries to justify the killings, according to Reuters and the New York Times, respectively.

Tensions are building in Georgia over a controversial new law which would restrict the rights of gun owners, and the judges of the 11th Circuit Court may be weighing precisely how many of the fundamental rights of the American people will be at stake when they issue their ruling in a case involving the right of licensed gun owners to carry their firearms with them to church.

Nearly half the American population lives in households that receive a payment from the federal government. That’s the latest alarming news from the Wall Street Journal’s Sara Murray (left), who tracks the federal subsidy programs for the newspaper.

“When it comes to foreign policy, if you like George W. Bush and Barack Obama, you’ll love Mitt Romney.” That was the unspoken theme of a speech the former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential contender delivered Friday at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. Inveighing against “crawl[ing] into an isolationist shell,” Romney offered instead a program of hyper-interventionism in which no problem anywhere in the world is too small or remote for Washington’s involvement.

Democrats in Wisconsin’s State Assembly have asked for the removal of a portrait of Governor Jeremiah Rusk (left), who in 1886 ordered the state militia to keep peace during the Bay View Rolling Mill strike. Seven people were killed during that strike, and labor unions in Wisconsin have gotten their Democrat friends in the legislature to offer a resolution to take down Rusk’s picture down. "He ordered the National Guard to fire on people who were marching for an eight-hour workday, even though some of those marchers were children," Reuters quoted resolution co-sponsor state Rep. Jon Richards as saying. "He is the last person we should be honoring in the state Capitol."

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