reported Jan. 12 that Border Patrol agent Marcos Gerardo Manzano, Jr., 26, was arrested Monday in San Diego and charged with harboring illegal immigrants and lying to a Border Patrol agent. The arrest was made by the Border Corruption Task Force.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has announced an alternative solution to the current debate over whether to raise the country’s debt ceiling.

The contentious debate over raising the debt ceiling continues to heat up as prominent politicians weigh in on the issue. The latest assertion comes from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who emphasized to Congress that it must increase the federal debt limit before it's reached. The irony, of course, is that Harry Reid employed a very different stance on the issue just four years ago, under President George W. Bush.

At a Newseum event in Washington on January 12, someone asked Senate Judiciary Chair Patrick Leahy, “In the wake of [the mass shooting in Tucson] last weekend, do you think there should be more talk about gun control and do you foresee any legislative push for that on Capitol Hill?” Leahy responded, “There will be, but I don’t know if much will change it.”

Political organizations and advocacy groups around the country are curtailing or canceling their planned activities and advertisements in the wake of the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the killing of six people at an event in Tucson, Arizona, last Saturday.