As crude oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico following an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig, BP faces an uncertain future. The London-based oil company which operated the rig has seen its shares plummet by 36 percent since the April 20 accident, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The article quoted investment analysts noting this $58 billion loss could make the company a prime target for takeover. Forecasters predict efforts to plug the leak may continue through the end of 2010 due to complications from weather and the depth of the well, and costs of the recovery could exceed the company’s 2009 profits.

Police may continue to question a silent suspect until he invokes his right to remain silent, the U. S. Supreme Court said yesterday in its latest ruling on the "Miranda rights" the Court first proclaimed 44 years ago. In a 5-4  decision, the Court ruled that a defendant's silence does not automatically require an end to an interrogation. The ruling leaves intact the requirement that the police inform the suspect of his right to remain silent and to have the assistance of an attorney. But Tuesday's ruling holds that if he talks to police after that, the suspect has effectively waived his right to silence and whatever he says may be used by prosecutors against him.

There is a sizable bloc of Tea Party supporters calling for repeal of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The 17th Amendment establishes direct, popular election of U.S. Senators, superseding Article 1, Section 3, Clauses 1 and 2 which empowered state legislatures to elect senators.

A get tough policy to stem illegal immigration will be a key issue in the governor's race in New Mexico, where Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez will square off against Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish in the race to succeed two-term Democratic Governor Bill Richardson.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is not sugarcoating his opinion of his successor and former fellow-Republican Charlie Crist. Bush is predicting that Crist, who announced he was leaving the Grand Old Party last April to run as an independent in a three-way Senate race, will finish third behind Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek.

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