According to GOP USA, “the campaign in Nevada to replace Harry Reid is now in a desperate situation.” As it stands, Sharron Angle has a small edge over Reid, 46 to 43 percent, a lead that has narrowed as a result of attack ads launched by Reid against the Tea Party favorite. Angle appears to be a committed constitutionalist, campaigning on the premise of abolishing the United States Departments of Energy and Education, and privatizing Social Security so that young Americans can be assured that they will receve the benefits into which they are currently paying.

The North Iowa Tea Party has removed a billboard comparing President Obama's socialism to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin after holocaust survivor groups and many on the organized Left objected, according to an Associated Press story for July 14.

The Tea Party movement is consciously constructed around the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence — all men are created equal. These words were echoed 87 years after the Declaration of Independence by Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator of African Americans.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would appear to have enough troubles to deal with in this world, but he has at least one adversary in the hereafter as well. Charlotte McCourt of Pahrump, Nevada, died last week at 84 and her obituary in the Las Vegas Review Journal noted that she had been active in her community and "assisted in many political figures' campaign efforts." One of those was the campaign to elect Reid to the Senate, an effort, Mrs. McCourt later regretted, according to her children.

Fox Business Channel host of Freedom Watch Andrew Napolitano has renewed a call for the indictment of former President Bush and Vice President Cheney for attacks on the U.S. Constitution in a July 12 C-SPAN interview with leftist consumer advocate Ralph Nader. “It was blatantly unconstitutional and in some cases criminal,” the former New Jersey Superior Court judge told Nader. “They should have been indicted. They absolutely should have been indicted, for torturing, for spying, for arresting without warrant.” Nader then followed up Napolitano's statement with a clarification question:

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