Though nothing has been confirmed, White House officials are in preparation of an announcement from Obama�s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that will confirm his decision to leave his position at the White House to make a run for mayor of Chicago. The announcement may come as early as October 1, as a result of pressure from the Obama administration.

This weekend, Arizona's GOP senatorial candidate John McCain was confronted by a potentially violent leftist protestor. Following a televised debate between the candidates for Arizona's next Senator, an angry �peace activist� approached McCain on his way out of the KTVK television studios in Phoenix, but was �tackled� by McCain's security team before she had the opportunity to proceed further.

November Elections�The Republicans doubled the debt and now the Democrats are tripling the debt,� Rand Paul told his supporters on September 12. �There�s not a lot of kudos to go around to either side.� The libertarian-leaning Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky won national headlines last spring after easily defeating the establishment-picked GOP candidate in a primary to replace the retiring Republican Senator Jim Bunning. And he won the primary with arguments very much like the argument above that the deficit is a bipartisan problem.

tyranny politicsAmerica is sliding into tyranny, and few Americans seem to recognize it. Before you dismiss this as alarmist propaganda, consider the following:

The British Daily Mail reported on September 29 that U.S. CIA-directed forces had launched “a devastating series of missile strikes against militants in Pakistan to help foil Mumbai-style attacks on cities in Europe.”