The state of Illinois has recently undergone a restructuring of its electoral map to suit the Democratic politicians, reports The Blaze. Some of the redrawing, which includes annexing into Chicago a small rural village 65 miles away, apparently borders on the absurd in order to accommodate the needs of the Democratic lawmakers.

The Blaze writes:

California state legislators recently passed a bill that would make theirs the first state to require public schools to include a social studies curriculum on the contributions of gays and lesbians. Governor Jerry Brown (left) has 12 days to sign or veto the measure.

In a 23-14 vote, the California Senate passed the bill. It then moved on to the Assembly, where it passed on a 49 to 25 vote. The Blaze wrote of the measure, proposed by Democratic Senator Mark Leno:

As the public relations manager for The John Birch Society, the publisher of The New American magazine, I received an e-mail this morning from the senior press secretary for the National Governors Association, in response to my question to her asking why The New American was not going to be able to cover the annual meeting of the National Governors Association. I was told, essentially, that we were biased (as opposed to other "objective" news media):

Unsurprisingly, the unions have indicated that they will be endorsing and supporting President Obama in 2012. However, Fox News notes that the labor movement is confronted by a diminishing membership, and that the relationship between Obama and the unions has suffered a bit, therefore making 2012 a more difficult campaign than that of 2008 for the labor movement.

First, unions are faced with the difficulties of justifying massive spending for political candidates while suffering from diminished membership.

As 2012 is quickly drawing near, and the Republicans are in the process of selecting an opponent to challenge the President, it seems the Obama ticket may have a new face for Vice President: Andrew Cuomo (left).

The Blaze writes: