U.S. taxpayers are being soaked to the tune of $2 million a day for President Barack Obama’s illegal war in Libya, according to a Defense Department memo obtained by the Financial Times. The document, entitled “United States Contribution to Operation Unified Protector,” says that the government is spending about $60 million a month on the mission and had spent $664 million by mid-May.

As state and federal deficits continue to climb and as entitlement spending maintains a sharp upward curve, Texas legislators passed a sweeping reform package on Wednesday that would transform the state’s Medicaid program. The measure would work to privatize Medicaid in South Texas and permit the development of healthcare cooperatives, a form of mutual insurance that helps members get access to medical care on preferential terms.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signed the state’s tough immigration law on Thursday, inviting an immediate challenge from the radical left, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Poverty Law Center.

As more details are released regarding Weiner’s illicit online affairs, and in light of the announcement that Weiner’s wife is pregnant, a number of congressional Democrats are calling for his resignation. The calls are being led by former Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine, who was allegedly the first to assert that Weiner should resign in the wake of the scandal.

On June 1, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill eliminating the the collective bargaining “rights” of teachers in the Volunteer State. Two versions of the final act were passed by the state House of Representatives and the Senate respectively. The House passed their version 55-40 during a late-night vote before adjourning for the weekend. For its part, the state Senate passed their companion measure earlier in the day by a vote of 19-12.