It was not an idea too big to fail. And it failed big. Voters in Houston, Texas, rejected the controversial and misnamed “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance” (HERO) by a wide margin yesterday.

In the year since the Ferguson riots, public sentiment toward law enforcement has deteriorated. At the same time, violent crime has risen in many of America's cities which had been seeing those numbers decline. The "Ferguson effect" has changed both the level of violent crime and the way law enforcement deals with it. And citizens in America's cities are paying for it.





Just when ObamaCare defenders thought’s recovery was a sign of blue skies ahead for the president’s signature “achievement,” reality continues to rear its ugly head.

Representative Paul Ryan talks a good game, but conservatives can expect no action on their behalf from the new speaker of the House.

A recently leaked internal DHS memorandum has revealed that the Obama administration is planning to circumvent U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s February 16 injunction that blocked President Obama’s executive action to grant amnesty to four million illegal aliens. 


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