The U.S. House of Representatives is in the process of cutting off new funding for the Transportation Security Administration’s naked-body scanners, which have been the subject of intense controversy virtually since their inception.

The Blaze reports:

Lamentably, the American people have become accustomed to slouching along the gently sloping path toward tyranny. 

Likewise, we now trust the soothing susurrations of demagogues, led as if hypnotized to follow the suggestion that this or that federal policy is in our "best interest" and that all our personal habits and choices must be vetted by the nannies on the Potomac.

Mitch DanielsProlifers are thrilled that Indiana has cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood based on the organization's abortion business, and hope that the law will withstand a federal court challenge.

During a radio interview, presidential candidate and Republican Congressman Ron Paul (left) criticized the manner in which President Obama reportedly assassinated an unarmed Osama bin Laden, sparking controversy among critics anxious to distort his statement or misrepresent the facts.

At least one high-level union official is being accused of “sabotaging” jailed Border Patrol agent Jesus Diaz’s case by making controversial public statements even as the union has essentially abandoned its dues-paying former member, national correspondent Andy Ramirez of the Liberty News Network reported (video below).

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