Tea Party darling Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently stated that she was satisfied with President Obama’s certificate of live birth. During an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopolous, Rep. Bachmann declared that the so-called “birther” issue was “over” and that the controversy was settled.

Thanks to Donald Trump and his billion-dollar-network bully pulpit, the issue of President Obama’s birthplace (and the related issue of why he’s never released a long-form birth certificate) is not going away.

Earlier this week, mainstream media mainstay CNN published a story with the headline: “Who’s Really Eligible to be President?” In the opinion piece, the author, Gabriel "Jack" Chin, Professor of Law at the University of Arizona's Rogers College, immediately telegraphs his own take on the issue with the following opening paragraph:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has taken President Obama to task for his policies on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. �One of the side effects, one of the things we need to recover from is the administration impos[ing] a one-size-fits-all moratorium after the spill," he stated. "We want drilling to be done safely but we don�t want to lose thousands of jobs down here.�

When potential Presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked by George Stephanopoulos, host of ABC's "Good Morning America", what he would do, as President, about soaring gasoline prices, he replied:

The nation’s porous borders took front and center stage this week, as unconnected, but surprisingly related, news items highlighted the lack of political will at the top to stem illegal immigration or even provide a credible approach to national security.