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In a legislative clash that pitted Democrats against their fellows, the House voted Saturday to pass the Stupak Amendment. Sponsored by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), Brad Ellsworth, (D-Ind.) and Joe Pitts, (R-Pa.), the measure prohibits federal money from being used to fund abortion through the Democrats’ 1,990-page healthcare plan.

There was a night in Vietnam that stands out in my memory. I think it was Christmas Eve, and I was on guard duty on the perimeter of some small base and feeling rather noble that I was spending my Christmas defending my country on "the frontiers of freedom." I often wonder about that now.

Back in 2006, little Chloe Levine was born as the apparently healthy baby girl her parents had been waiting for. Sadly, before her first birthday, Chloe began to show signs of what turned out to be cerebral palsy. Only the fact that her parents had banked her umbilical cord blood — replete with stem cells — eventually saved Chloe.

Paul KrugmanHypocrisy knows no political boundaries and the refrain “do as I say, not as I do” is a not-uncommon refrain in many circles of human society. Still, there is something that seems particularly humorous about the ideological hypocrisies of the Left.

Are objects evil, or is it the purpose for which a person uses it which is evil? This is a fundamental question that underlies many public policy debates in our country, but rarely does it so near the surface as it is in the debate over gun control.

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