The economic free-fall of the beleaguered state of California is continuing apace. In January, when Governor Jerry Brown took office, the state's deficit was a mind-numbing $26.9 billion. Its fiscal woes could not have come as a surprise to the Brown family — Jerry, Pat, and Kathleen — all of whom have spent years in state political offices and have actually been involved in the creation of this deficit. 

 Just one year ago this week the Senate Special Committee on Aging, headed up by wealthy and aging Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), announced that massive shortfalls in funding for Social Security could be papered over with just a few modest "tweaks":

Modest changes can be made over time that will keep the program in surplus. They are not draconian, as the report points out, and they can be done and [they] will be done.

Putting aside the fact that Social Security is not "in surplus" and has not ever been actuarially sound since it began in 1935 (the same year Kohl was born), the "modest changes" he and his committee recommended at the time were, in fact, "draconian":

During April, the Obama Administration approved 208 waivers for its socialist health-care mandates. Funny thing is, The Daily Caller reports, the administration gave 38 of them, or 20 percent, to businesses or other entities in the district of leftist Democrat Nancy Pelosi (left). As Speaker of the House, Pelosi was the loudest cheerleader of all for health-care mandates that her own constituents now flee — apparently with her approval.

In a move that  surprised most establishment conservatives, Republican Presidential Primary Candidate Newt Gingrich announced on Sunday his support for the individual healthcare mandate, which is a central aspect of federal universal healthcare legislation (ObamaCare).

It looks like the Indians upset about the military's using the code-word Geronimo during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden can settle down and smoke the peace pipe.

According to Fox News, the name of the famous Chiracahua Apache was not the code name for Osama. The news emerges in a long, dramatic story that details the raid. The mission to kill the world's most wanted man, Fox reports, nearly failed.

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