A change to a federal rule went into effect on December 1, giving the FBI power to hack into the private computers of millions of Americans.

Only 480 (or 30 percent) of the 1,600 aliens who have traveled to the United States under the Obama administration’s Central American Minors (CAM) program are actually minors.

A new ATF form denies legal drug users the right to buy a firearm from federal licensees.

A CNN crew covering Thursday’s Carrier press conference with Donald Trump and Mike Pence has been caught joking — on camera — about Trump’s plane crashing. The embarrassing and unprofessional episode took place as CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux and her crew were conducting sound and camera checks before covering the press conference. While waiting for Trump’s plane to arrive, they joked about whether it would land or crash.

A nullification bill submitted in the Michigan state House of Representatives would nullify any presidential edict, including executive orders and policy directives.

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