An oversight report by an independent taxpayer watchdog into the Veterans Affairs administration reveals more troubling information connected to the VA scandal, Fox News reports. According to the report's findings, the VA spent $20 million on artwork and sculptures and added nearly 40,000 new jobs, though just one in 11 were medical positions, all while more than a thousand veterans died awaiting medical care.

The recently released 2016 Democratic Party platform proposes adding two new amendments to the Constitution — one to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling on campaign financing, and a second proposal to pass the so-called Equal Rights Amendment.

Donald Trump pictured an America in the midst of a crime wave, during his speech to the Republican National Convention. Recently released crime statistics appear to confirm his assertions.

Edward Snowden and William Binney question the veracity of the DNC's claim that Russia was behind the breach of their network security.

After a meeting in the White House with police union representatives, President Obama is reversing his ban on the sale of military equipmenmt to local law enforcement.

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