Did you know that, technically, it is illegal to cram a week’s worth of medications into one convenient bottle? And if airport screeners want to randomly check your carry-on for valid prescription labels, they may — and without probable cause, too? Remember Rush Limbaugh and baggage screeners’ inspection of his bottle of Viagra? Suddenly, actions nobody ever thought about are suspect to bureaucrats, whose primary purpose in life is to ensure increases in the size of their workforces and budgets. The Drug Enforcement Agency is just one more government entity that now has a role in Homeland Security.

Amazing as it may seem, since ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791, the Supreme Court has never provided a definitive statement as to whether, in the Justices’ opinions, the Second Amendment applies to the States as well as to the General Government. Until now. For the Court has just agreed to hear McDonald v. City of Chicago,in which finally that issue is squarely presented. This case is being heralded as being of groundbreaking significance.

“The die is cast.” These were the fatal words spoken by Julius Caesar as he stood before his loyal legion on the northern bank of the Rubicon River (the boundary between Italy and the wide world) and proclaimed his revolutionary intent to enter Italy, thus declaring war on his rival Pompey and Pompey’s allies in violation of the law of the Roman republic. This same bold epigram was spoken last night by a much lesser light, Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), as he stood on the banks of the Potomac and proclaimed that the Healthcare Reform War of 2009 was over and that he and his cohorts in the Democratic Caucus had overcome their Republican opponents and would now march into the New Year imposing a revolutionary healthcare regime.

If the conservative Tea Party rebellion should move from the soapbox to the ballot box, it might well beat the Republican Party, according to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey. In what the pollsters called a "three-way Generic Ballot test," voters were asked in a national telephone survey to assume the Tea Party movement had become a political party and then to say whether they would be likely to support a Democratic, Republican, or Tea Party candidate for Congress in their districts.

Maddow JBSMSNBC's Rachel Maddow launched an error-riddled attack against the John Birch Society in her December 18 show, nominally because the John Birch Society has become a sponsor of the upcoming February 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

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