Barack ObamaAs reported by The New American, on Thursday, May 6 Congress passed a four-year extension of the unconstitutional powers included in the Patriot Act. These unprecedented powers include allowing the federal government to search records and use wiretaps of terrorism suspects without satisfying the conditions of the Fourth Amendment.

cowboyThe NRA sold out the Second Amendment during the Patriot Act fight, criticizing Senator Rand Paul's amendment to exempt gun purchases from search provisions of the Patriot Act in e-mails to Congress while sitting on information showing the need for Paul's amendment. The information shows that the FBI and the federal government's Joint Terrorism Task Force have already begun trolling the records of law-abiding gun owners, using the excuse of terrorism surveillance.

The complaint of a single individual in New Jersey’s Neptune Township over the presence of religious symbols at a commencement ceremony last year forced the Township school board to reach an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union to make sizable changes to this year’s event.

The National Review Online recently published an article by Kevin D. Williamson wherein he posits that Congressman Ron Paul is juking to the left on immigration in anticipation of his upcoming race for the White House.

A county judge whose son has worked for the SEIU and the AFL-CIO struck down a Wisconsin law that would have limited some of the collective-bargaining privileges of government-employee unions, sparking outrage from lawmakers who are determined to salvage the legislation in an effort to tackle the state‘s multi-billion dollar budget crisis. But despite the ruling, the battle over reform is still far from over.

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