As if it weren’t enough that the Obama administration is spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on an unconstitutional war on Libya, the administration took the occasion of every taxpayer’s favorite day of the year, April 15, to announce that it is going to send $25 million worth of “nonlethal” aid to the rebels fighting against the regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

The Founding Fathers formed America as a republic. The interests of government were limited primarily to protecting freedom, and in those relatively few instances in which the “general welfare” was involved, the interests of government might include other duties as well. Post roads, the regulation of weights and measurements, the enactment of laws to protect copyrights and patents, a navy to protect American shores and shipping, the regulation of new territories until they could become states — these were the sorts of general welfare functions that the Constitution allowed the federal government to undertake.

With the background of Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin standing up to public employee unions and those unions, with lots of outside help, trying put an overtly favorable candidate into a theoretically nonpolitical Wisconsin Supreme Court election, one might think that state politicians would be cautious about rolling over and playing dead when public employees unions make outrageous demands.

Regulators in the state of New York proved recently that they have a bit too much time on their hands. New York bureaucrats collectively decided that classic kids’ games such as kickball, tag, Wiffle Ball, and Red Rover pose “a significant risk of injury” and started a campaign to ban these amusements at any recreational facilities. But officials decided to make significant changes to the proposal after media coverage of the plan provoked criticism.

The Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is questioning the Michigan State Police's use of cellphone "extraction" devices.

Specifically, the group claims that law enforcement is clandestinely using portable devices to secretly extract personal information from cell phones during routine stops.

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