GOvernmentThe New Hampshire Sunday News of January 3 of this year ran a front-page feature story on the state’s senior U.S. Senator, Judd Gregg, the “deficit hawk.” But those paying close attention may have a hard time reconciling such a description of the Republican solon after his 17 years thus far in the Senate.

The good news for the White House Wednesday morning was that Massachusetts is not Haiti. That unfortunate Caribbean nation suffered another earthquake early Wednesday morning, measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale. But there is no political Richter scale to measure the tremors and shock that traveled Tuesday night from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the power centers of Washington, D.C. when it became clear that Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, the Democrats' designated heir to the Senate seat held since the last days of the Truman administration by the Kennedy dynasty of Massachusetts, had lost the seat to, of all people a Republican!

Given the United States government’s response to the natural disaster in Haiti, there is increased interest and scrutiny in the ability of the American military’s ability to perform critical police functions in a nation whose infrastructure is destroyed, leaving domestic law enforcement ill-equipped to handle the typical immediate increase in lawlessness (looting, burglary, etc.) that flourishes in the post-cataclysmic chaotic free-for-all.

FBI badgeThe FBI has used the terrorism as an excuse to subpoena some 2,000 telephone records from phone carriers without a warrant or even a National Security Letter, according to the Washington Post for January 18. “The FBI illegally collected more than 2,000 U.S. telephone call records between 2002 and 2006 by invoking terrorism emergencies that did not exist or simply persuading phone companies to provide records.” the Post found.

constirutional candidatesThe 2008 presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul has spawned successive aftershocks that have progressively magnified in intensity over the original “failed” presidential run of the “Constitution candidate.”