Though nothing has been confirmed, White House officials are in preparation of an announcement from Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that will confirm his decision to leave his position at the White House to make a run for mayor of Chicago. The announcement may come as early as October 1, as a result of pressure from the Obama administration.

This weekend, Arizona's GOP senatorial candidate John McCain was confronted by a potentially violent leftist protestor. Following a televised debate between the candidates for Arizona's next Senator, an angry "peace activist" approached McCain on his way out of the KTVK television studios in Phoenix, but was "tackled" by McCain's security team before she had the opportunity to proceed further.

November Elections"The Republicans doubled the debt and now the Democrats are tripling the debt," Rand Paul told his supporters on September 12. "There's not a lot of kudos to go around to either side." The libertarian-leaning Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Kentucky won national headlines last spring after easily defeating the establishment-picked GOP candidate in a primary to replace the retiring Republican Senator Jim Bunning. And he won the primary with arguments very much like the argument above that the deficit is a bipartisan problem.

tyranny politicsAmerica is sliding into tyranny, and few Americans seem to recognize it. Before you dismiss this as alarmist propaganda, consider the following:

The decision of the Pentagon to consign Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer’s memoir, Operation Dark Heart, to the flames has revealed how shallow and Janus-faced the government can be when it comes to “tolerance” and denouncing the burning of books.