Most people who were diagnosed with probable or presumed swine flu in the last few months likely did not actually have it, a CBS investigation published Wednesday revealed.

money burningDespite record-setting federal deficits, the House is considering how it can continue stimulating the economy without calling it a “stimulus.”

Supreme CourtThe refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to consider an appeal by the state of Virginia may result in more deaths caused by drunk drivers, Chief Justice John Roberts warned on October 20. Roberts, joined by Justice Antonin Scalia, issued a strongly worded dissent from the court's decision not to hear an appeal of a Virginia Supreme Court ruling that Roberts said gives drunk drivers "one free swerve" before a police officer may make an investigative stop.

pay phoneCriminal Mexican cartels are reportedly threatening American businesses in Mexico and even in the United States; and the problem is  getting worse as gangs become increasingly brazen and violent.

Former NASA scientist Stewart Nozette has been charged with attempting to sell classified information about U.S. military satellites to Israel.

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