The Justice Department continues to be the subject of controversy as it attempts to impose an offensive solution to what it perceives to be discriminatory behavior. In Dayton, Ohio, where the police and firefighter exams have proven to pass few minorities, the U.S. Department of Justice is demanding that the city lower its passing score for the police exam in order to allow a larger pool of black applicants.

The Left continues to prove itself to be hypocritical as it demands �tolerance� from those on the Right while seeking to censor opinions that are different from its own. An example of this can be found in the Left�s criticism of the new miniseries called The Kennedys, which scathingly portrays the American political family. The criticism ultimately prompted the History Channel to drop the program.

New Hampshire mottoBestselling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr.  told the 250 to 300 people attending the "Nullification Now" tour in its stop at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester on March 19 that he was pleased to see people outside the building picketing the event. For one thing, it made it easy for him to find the right building among the various structures on campus, he said. For another, "It shows we're being noticed."

Newly elected Governor of Maine Paul LePage appears to be a clone of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, adopting his blunt, in-your-face style of communication.

Dennis KucinichDespite President Obama’s present flip-flopping stance on issues that were critical during his campaign, including the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison and embarking on illegal wars, the media and Democrats had been relatively silent. Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich broke the silence on Monday, however, when he declared that President Obama’s approval of air strikes against Libya is an “impeachable offense.”

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