American taxpayers may be interested to know that even as union bad behavior has seemingly been growing out of control, as unions remain some of the largest contributors to Democratic campaigns, and while the nation continues to struggle with massive unemployment, taxpayers continue to be burdened by the increasing cost of unions. Lawmakers in Washington are beginning to turn their attention to these costs and pursue measures by which taxpayer money may be spared.

Lawmakers in California are advancing a number of controversial bills through the Senate and Assembly, including legislation that would provide financial aid to undocumented university students. Another prevents “Bell-style” financial scandals, pension “spiking,” and disruptive picketing at military funerals. Other measures include provisions that permit local police to closely monitor social networking sites, and would end the necessitated fingerprinting of food stamp recipients. In total, 200 bills were passed in the Senate or Assembly and moved to the other house for a vote.

Freshman Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stepped into a First Amendment controversy on the Sean Hannity radio show May 27 with remarks that some have interpreted as meaning Paul favors imprisoning people who attend controversial speeches.

SolesbeeFor the families, friends, and comrades in arms who have lost loved ones in our nation's wars, Memorial Day is never just an excuse for a three-day vacation or a camping excursion. It's a time of pain and loss, and remembrance of those who paid the supreme sacrifice in service to their country. Our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are depersonalized and far removed from most of our lives; the life-and-death reality of those theaters of operation is only brought home to us periodically by the headlines about a local boy whose life was ended by an IED explosion, a sniper attack, or a convoy ambush.

The illegal alien drunk driver who struck and killed a police officer in Houston had not only been twice deported but also twice released from police custody after he was apprehended.

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