Legislators in the state of Texas are seeking to protect the Fourth Amendment by utilizing the Tenth Amendment.

Article II of the United States Constitution requires that a person be a "natural born citizen" of the United States in order to be eligible to hold the office of President.

Democratic Wisconsin state senators who fled to Illinois in an effort to block a vote on Republicans’ budget-repair proposal could be in hot water if they don’t come back to work — the legislature voted to hold them in contempt and send law enforcement out to get them. Government-employee layoffs are also imminent if the missing State Senators do not return, according to Gov. Scott Walker.

The U.S. Army filed 22 new charges March 2 against Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, who is alleged to have been Wikileaks' source for a variety of intelligence data made public over the past year, including a charge of "aiding the enemy" that could carry the death penalty. Wikileaks is an internet whistleblower website that uses anonymous informants to publish secret information from the files of governments and large corporations, and has published hundreds of thousands of U.S. intelligence files about the Afghan and Iraq wars and U.S. diplomatic cables.

You�d never know President Barack Obama proposed a domestic discretionary spending �freeze� by looking at the 2012 budget he submitted to Congress. According to The Hill's Erik Wasson, Obama�s budget includes an 11 percent spending increase for the Department of Education and a 9.5 percent increase for the Department of Energy.