Leftist radio bigmouth Ed Schultz (left), who appears on MSNBC, has been suspended for a week without pay for calling conservative radio talker Laura Ingraham a "slut."

Schultz blurted out the slur on his radio show on Tuesday during another of his frothing monologues, this one about conservatives who noticed that President Obama was visiting Ireland rather than visiting the victims of the tornado that leveled Joplin, Mo.

A highly partisan and ideologically charged Senate battle over the nomination of Goodwin Liu (left) to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals came to an end Wednesday when the University of California law professor sent a letter to President Obama asking that his name be withdrawn. A Republican filibuster on Thursday of last week blocked a vote on confirmation and Liu decided that a further delay in filling the vacancy would do neither him nor the court any good.  

On Tuesday, May 24, federal agents from the TSA visited the Texas legislature threatening to end air travel in Texas if the hugely favored anti-TSA bill, H.B. 1937, passed. The backlash from Texans and even members of the press stung Texas state Senators, but not enough to prevent the lawmakers from tucking tail and running. The support the measure lost as a result of federal bullying wasn’t regained in time to resurrect it for passage.

Across the nation, states that have conservative Republicans running the government are tackling the entrenched power of unions. The Arizona State Legislature recently passed two bills which limit the activities of labor unions, both of which have been signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer (picture at left).

A confrontation earlier this year between Philadelphia police and Mark Fiorino over the Pennsylvania man's open carrying of a firearm has led to charges of disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment against Fiorino, with a possible two years of imprisonment if he is convicted, Fox News reported.

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