Moments ago, the United States House of Representatives voted 335 to 91 in favor of passing another Continuing Resolution to continue to fund the federal government, which will prevent a government shutdown on March 4, when the former CR was set to expire. The newly passed Continuing Resolution will fund the federal government through March 18, allowing Congress more time to reach a compromise on the federal budget for the fiscal year ending on September 30.

ron paulSunday, February 27, was the conclusion of the three-day Tea Party American Policy Summit in Phoenix, Arizona � a gathering of top Tea Party activists for the purpose of fostering greater unity and cohesion among its various disjointed groups across the country. The event focused on addressing sustainable and long-term strategies for dealing with matters such as the national deficit, ObamaCare, Second Amendment rights, border security and immigration, the Fair Tax, and other issues related to the Tea Party�s core principles of limited government and fiscal conservatism.

On February 17 the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment sponsored by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) to prohibit federal funding of Planned Parenthood for the remainder of the fiscal year. The amendment was part of a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government through September 30 and prevent a government shutdown.

Communist propaganda organs reported with glee that at least some Wisconsin police were refusing to enforce lawful orders to evict anti-reform protestors from the Capitol building in Madison. Instead, the law-enforcement officers, egged on by their union, chose to side with the coalition of government-employee labor groups, socialists, and other leftist organizations that have staged protests over the last two weeks against Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to rein in a massive budget deficit.

If the demographer from Rice University is right, the demise of "Anglos" in Texas is unstoppable and the rise of a population dominated by Hispanics will adversely affect the economic fortunes of the Lone Star State.