Most people are probably aware by now that Senator and former presidential contender John Edwards (D-N.C.) is the latest in a long line of morally challenged politicians to be caught up in an extramarital affair — in this case one so breathtakingly depraved as to defy imagination. Of course, since he is a Democrat, there has been no talk of censure or other official rebukes from Congress, even if his political career is over — maybe.

An Associated Press writer says “the crushing weight of its debt threatens to overwhelm everything the federal government does,” even under the best-case scenario. This theme of unsustainable debts and deep holes has been reviewed elsewhere on this site, and it’s small comfort that it is now making headlines in the controlled mainstream media: 

Debra MedinaWhen it comes to successfully challenging the hegemony of the Republican establishment, this ain’t Debra Medina’s first rodeo. In fact, the up-and-coming Texas gubernatorial candidate who was once dismissed by the media as a particularly dark horse is an old hand at facing down the monied blue bloods that control many state Republican Party branches.

ObamaThe New York Times reported February 12 that President Obama was fed up trying to convince, cajole, and compromise with the Republican Party in order to garner its rubber-stamp enshrinement of his legislative legacy. So, in his exasperation, he will contradict himself yet again and begin ruling by fiat.

cellphone userThe Obama Justice Department is appealing a lower court decision that requires it to provide “probable cause” before it can track cellphone users. The DOJ wants instead to operate under a lower standard for tracking cellphone users, based on a reasonable belief that such information is “relevant to a . . . criminal investigation.”