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Census takerUSA Today reported on July 27 that the U.S. Census Bureau is taking steps to ensure the accuracy of the next census in 2010. The need was highlighted when a review of the last census in 2000 showed that the count was too high for the first time in history.

Palestinian flagSecretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on July 24 that the United States has given $200 million to help the operations of the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA).

Guananamo prisonThe Obama administration has picked up the Bush administration’s policy of denying justice to detainees rather quickly, using the tactics of delay as the Bush administration had done. But in the case of child-combatant Mohammed Jawad, U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Huvelle may not allow it anymore.

Max MotorsWith car sales down nearly a third from last year, retailers and businesses are coming up with ever more innovative ways to entice buyers to their lots. Hyundai will refund the car if the purchaser loses his or her job. Some companies are providing huge rebates or even free gas. And a car dealer in Missouri is offering a free AK-47.

ObamaPresident Obama is likely to meet at the White House with black scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and police officer Sgt. James Crowley, who arrested Gates at his house on July 16 on a disorderly conduct charge, a charge the department has since dropped.

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