Monday morning, former Congressman Tom Tancredo announced that he would soon be announcing whether he would be running for Governor of Colorado as the candidate of the American Constitution Party (ACP). High noon was the time set by Tancredo for making his final declaration.

According to press reports, the drive for “cap and trade” legislation has finally died in the Senate.

The whistle-blower website released more than 90,000 classified U.S. documents related to the war in Afghanistan Sunday, prompting severe reaction from the Afghan and U.S. governments. "The Afghan government is shocked with the report that has opened the reality of the Afghan war," Afghan government spokesman Siamak Herawi told CNN.

baby feetOn July 19 The New American reported that under ObamaCare the federal government has begun funding abortions through state high-risk insurance pools. Pennsylvania and Maryland have both received approval from the federal Department of Health and Human Services for their state plans and will receive federal funding, and both states’ plans seem to include abortion coverage. This story was based in large part on reports from and press releases from the National Right to Life Committee.

Jim DeMintThe Senate on July 21 blocked an attempt by a slate of Republicans to enervate the President’s lawsuit against Arizona’s new anti-illegal-immigration law by cutting off funds to the Justice Department that is prosecuting the suit.