It is quite appropriate at this time to remind Americans of what the son of Saul Alinsky (left) wrote about Barack Obama back in August 2008 when he received the Democratic nomination for the presidency. It should help explain why Obama acted in such a hostile, ill-mannered way toward Republican Paul Ryan and his plan to reduce the federal debt. As an Alinsky disciple, Obama learned to behave in a manner befitting a socialist revolutionary confronting the pro-capitalist enemy. Obama�s scathing attack was a brilliant Alinsky event.

ObamaPresident Obama announced with a signing statement that he will boldly attack the U.S. Constitution by ignoring the part of the budget law he signed last week that demands defunding four "czar" positions. The law the President plans to ignore is the same budget deal he helped to broker between House Republicans and Senate Democrats, a decision that puts the President squarely at odds with the U.S. Constitution and his own explicit position as a candidate for President.

Suppose you’re standing in an airport security line, wasting precious minutes of your busy day waiting for your turn to remove your shoes and be electronically strip-searched or physically groped by Transportation Security Administration screeners. You notice how absurd and revolting the TSA’s procedures are. Perhaps you catch a TSA agent touching a six-year-old girl in ways that would get her school teacher arrested if the teacher performed the same actions.

Saturday, April 16 found the national Nullify Now! tour stop in Austin, Texas, a popular destination for area activists. The vision of the Los Angeles-based Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) and WeRefuse to educate and activate Americans about nullification of unconstitutional law was shaped into the idea of Nullify Now! - successful once again in the Lone Star State.

When you’re locked up in jail and the days are dragging on, sometimes you just want something good to read. A novel, a newspaper, or maybe a magazine — just about anything will do. But up until recently, at least, if you were doing time in South Carolina’s Berkeley County Detention Center, about the only thing you would be reading is letters from home— or the Bible.

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