PharmaThe Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is prepared to spend $150 million to support President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform efforts, AP reported on August 8. Such a massive amount of money could strongly boost Democratic proposals.

Dick CheneyFormer Vice President Dick Cheney is writing a memoir, and has claimed in that memoir that President George W. Bush “had gone soft” on a variety of issues during his second term, according to the August 12 Washington Post.

town hallCongressmen are on what they call their summer recess or "district work period" right now, and angry constituents are competing with “AstroTurf” leftists that are being planted at these town meetings to generate the appearance of support for more government control of healthcare.

GrandmaA great clatter of protest has been raised about a part of the proposed Obama government medical business takeover bill, which allegedly rations care for our elderly citizens at the end of their lives. Since most of us have grandparents whom we love, this has become a major motivation for the growing opposition to the bill.

ElderlyPresident Barack Obama has been counterattacking against critics of his healthcare plan in recent days, cherry-picking the most outlandish “fishy” claims about his program.

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