Census Bureau employeeWhen John Crudele quoted numerous Census Bureau workers about being hired, fired, and then rehired repeatedly, he called them “horror stories.” James O’Keefe, notorious and fearless investigative reporter, calls it part of a trend: “These days, Americans know that people in backrooms are taking advantage of their power. And they’re fed up with it.”

Sitting gravely silent in a wheelchair and dressed in his dark green Class A uniform, Army Major Nidal Hasan made his first courtroom appearance on June 1 in connection with the charge that he murdered 13 people and attempted to murder 32 others during a shooting spree on Fort Hood, Texas on November 5, 2009. The proceeding was a preliminary hearing wherein motions by both sides were heard by the judge.

President Obama wanted to "avoid a costly battle between two supporters" in a Democratic Senate primary in Colorado, and a White House official called on one of them to see if he might be interested in a federal job instead of a Senate race, ABC News reported today. But no job was offered, both the White House and the candidate said.

A coalition of 30 or more organizations is currently urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate what is being dubbed “hate speech” on talk radio and cable broadcast networks. In a letter addressed to the FCC, the coalition targeted the Internet, syndicated radio, and cable television programs, accusing them of “masquerading as news” to promote hate.

It seems as though the political plans of the Obama Administration have been put on hold as the BP rig explosion and subsequent oil spewage gums up both the Gulf of Mexico and perhaps the presidential agenda.  Political pundits observe that try as he might, President Obama does not seem able to break away for long from the constant national concern over the oil crisis now stretching into its second month, in order to change the subject to something he prefers.  As the Los Angeles Times commented on Wednesday, June 2: