computer keyholeThe Republican House and Democratic Senate leadership are backing a deal to extend three of the most controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, and the Senate voted 74-8 for cloture (to limit debate before passage) on the bill May 23. The vote was not a surprise to political observers, who expect a closer vote in the House of Representatives.

Here�s one for late-night jokester Jay Leno�s weekly �Headlines� segment featuring Stupid Criminals � his favorite target. Although, he might want to consider a sister segment to his repertoire: Clueless Victims.

In order to provide its residents some much-needed security as the U.S. dollar continues to decline, the state of Utah has become the first to legalize gold and silver coins as currency. Sponsored by Republican state Rep. Brad Galvez, the same law exempts the sale of the coins from state capital gains taxes.

A recent Washington Times article posed a critical question: will the Republicans choose the Constitution or the money?

The Republican Party has been ravaged by an internecine battle fought between the forces of "conservatism" on one side and "constitutionalism" on the other. These former tent mates have come out in open antagonism against each other with the control of the GOP as the spoils promised to the winner.

San Francisco, California, is a city known for being a bastion of all things progressive, secular, countercultural and counter-traditional. Ever since the Hippie Movement of the 1960s took root in the city, various liberal policies have been enacted, including some of America’s first laws pandering to the homosexual community (hate crimes legislation, “non-discrimination” policies, etc.), abortion advocates (such as laws imposing heavy fines on pro-lifers who protest outside clinics), and even laws pandering to the animal rights and public health lobbies (such as policies restricting fast food restaurants from marketing to children).

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