Ron PaulWhen the U.S. financial system went into cardiac arrest in 2008, most Washington politicians raced to the nearest microphone to declare that one of the most heavily regulated sectors of the economy was suffering not from an excess of regulation and artificial stimulation but from an excess of capitalism. They proposed, and enacted, numerous additional regulations and so-called stimulus plans to rectify the situation.

Guantanamo detaineePresident Obama's Guantanamo Review Task Force has “unanimously” concluded that 48 detainees at Guantanamo should be detained indefinitely — in essence, a life sentence — without trial, including lifetime detention for some detainees who, the commission concluded, hadn't committed any crimes that “constitute a chargeable offense in either a federal court or military commission.” The Washington Post revealed May 28 that the Task Force decided to repatriate the majority of the 240 detainees they investigated, while other detainees should be tried in criminal court or by “military commissions” the Obama administration would reconstitute.

U.S. soldier killed in AfghanistanThe U.S. military suffered its 1,000th death of the Afghan war according to an Associated Press count May 27, when NATO reported a service member was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. The New York Times reported the 1,000th death back on May 19, as the Associated Press relied upon official government statistics that typically delay the certification of casualties.

After the protracted battle for the so-called “Mojave Cross” in California which was finally settled in the Supreme Court in favor of the continued display of the cross, a new challenge to the public display of the central symbol of the Christian faith is emerging in southern Illinois. The Bald Knob Cross of Peace near Alto Pass, Illinois is roughly 350 miles from Chicago, but that’s not stopping a resident of the “Windy City” from being offended by a small government grant intended to restore the cross.

Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate nominee and Tea Party hero Rand Paul made a major change to his campaign staff this week, promoting Jesse Benton to campaign manager and relegating current campaign manager David Adams to campaign chairman. Benton has served as an aide to Rand Paul's father, former presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, and is related by marriage to the family.