healthcare costsNBC’s Meet the Press Host David Gregory must have been channeling the ghost of the late, great Tim Russert Sunday with his interview of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius on Obama’s healthcare plan.

In recent weeks, Barack Obama has traveled across the ocean more than once and has been met everywhere not only as president of the United States but as a bigger-than-life Hollywood-type icon.

doctor and patientA 10-member Massachusetts state healthcare advisory board unanimously recommended that the state begin rationing healthcare to keep the state’s marquee universal health care program afloat financially.

Frank RicciThe Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday rang down the curtains on Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings at the end of four days of intense questioning and some testimony. The final day was highlighted by the testimony of Frank Ricci, the New Haven firefighter who brought the case accusing the city of discrimination for not promoting any firefighters because no minority firefighers had passed a test.

cost of medicineThe Congressional Budget Office on July 16 warned that the Democrats’ healthcare reform bills won’t reduce the federal government’s spending on medical care. In fact, a July 16 AP report mentioned CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf’s finding that the reform measures will actually increase federal costs.