Supreme Court justices revealed on Monday that they could strike a blow to public-sector unions over the forced union dues that workers are compelled to pay, potentially overturning a 40-year-old precedent. Fox News reports that during 80 minutes of oral argument on whether state government workers who choose not to join a union should still be required to pay union dues to cover costs of collective bargaining, the court’s conservative justices, as well as a swing justice, “made skeptical comments about the legality of the payments.”

Anti-gun rights zealots are always looking for "back-door approaches" to curtailing the right to keep and bear arms. A lawsuit in Oklahoma challenges yet another such effort.

Rescinding Article V convention applications would prevent the calling of a constitutional convention that would have the inherent power to alter or abolish the Constitution.

The "Beware" software being tested in Fresno is one small jump away from the "precogs" in the film Minority Report, which profiled people and arrested them before they had actually committed a crime. 

The purported proof that police as a group are killers has been shown to be exactly the opposite: They were doing their job.