The head of the ATF wants money to buy a searchable database of every gun, and gun owner, in the country.

VIDEO - With the recent multiple police attacks, many in positions of power have amped up their plan to nationalize the police. Alex Newman exposes more of this unconstitutional agenda and how you can help solve the problem of corrupt police officers, right in your local police departments. Newman also shares how you can resist nationalization by supporting the independence of local police, rejecting federal grants and regulations and staying educated on these issues.

Some 400 wealthy Republican donors attended the Koch Brothers’ Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce biannual meeting at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs over the weekend, though Donald Trump wasn't invited. The gathering instead focused on GOP Senate races; however, this could work in Trump's favor.

In a new article in National Review, Victor Davis Hanson warns that nullification could lead to a second Civil War.

Some on the U.S. side of the border have accused Mexico's Grupo Beta relief agency of assisting illegal migrants in reaching the U.S. border.

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