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McClintock for Congress SupporterWhile much of the nation’s political attention this summer and fall will be focused on the presidential election, voters will once again determine the makeup of the legislative branch, electing the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. While we can’t cover all 435 House races, we offer here a brief look at a small sampling of the interesting candidates, issues, and races in this year’s elections.

HandcuffsIn America today, restraining orders are not only overused, but abused in such a way as to threaten the concept of justice.

Jesse HelmsOn July 4 of this year, an old patriot passed away. Former five-term North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms, retired since 2002, finally succumbed at 86 after a long career on the forefront of American conservatism during the Cold War and thereafter.

Immigration SignIn the absence of proper federal immigration enforcement, state and local governments have been forced to take action. Escondido, California, in northern San Diego county, has long been a destination for many illegal aliens from Mexico. The police department there has begun “criminal alien” sweeps, in which officers identify illegal aliens with criminal records who have been previously deported but then returned. The city has also been using “public nuisance” ordinances in areas notorious for high illegal-alien population, citing residents for junk cars and graffiti. Maine, Oregon, and Michigan stopped issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, leaving only four states — Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, and Washington — that now allow illegal immigrants driving privileges.

Barack ObamaWhile Representatives Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, and Duncan Hunter were in the presidential race, immigration and border security were pushed to center stage.

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