Arne DuncanOn Tuesday, President-elect Barack Obama nominated the head of the Chicago school system, Arne Duncan, to serve as education secretary for the new administration. Nationally, little is known about Duncan, who served in the Chicago school system for seven years.

Consitution imageOn December 10 the Judiciary Committee of the Ohio House held a hearing on House Joint Resolution No. 8 (HJR 8), “Applying to the Congress of the United States pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution to call a constitutional convention for proposing amendments.” A couple days earlier an AP article had stated that there could be a “possible vote” on HJR 8 at the hearing. However, pro-constitution citizens, including members of the John Birch Society, Campaign for Liberty, and other like-minded groups, had been alerted about the hearing late in the preceding week.

Auto BailoutSenator John Ensign (R-Nev.) wonders how the government could successfully run the Big Three automakers when it cannot even run itself. On December 11, before the $14 billion bailout bill died in the Senate, Ensign rose on the Senate floor and asked his colleagues:

GuantanamoThe bipartisan report on detainee torture at Guantanamo (pdf) released by the Senate Armed Services Committee on December 11 did a good job of telling Americans what they should have long known:

Assembly LineH.R. 7321, the auto bailout bill which swept through the House of Representatives on Wednesday, died in the Senate on Thursday evening when negotiations with the automakers and union representatives reached an impasse.

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