President Obama made a number of false statements in his February 24 address to a joint session of Congress, specifically with regard to the economy and how the recession was created.

CongressThe U.S. Senate voted 62 to 34 yesterday to begin debating the D.C. voting rights bill (S. 160), which would add two permanent seats to the House of Representatives. It would give the District of Columbia a permanent seat in the House by the opening of the 112th congressional term, with the other seat approiated for the state of Utah until the 2010 census results are available.

Bobby Jindal Obama’s economic stimulus package is causing quite the stir among America’s governors, particularly the Republican ones. The New York Times reports: "Republican governors split sharply over the weekend over how to respond to the economic crisis, a debate whose outcome will go a long way toward shaping how the national party redefines itself in the wake of its election defeats of recent years."

Barack Obama: a modern-day Julius Caesar?An aged volume of ancient history (Ancient and Medieval History by Hayes and Moon, 1929) describes how some of Julius Caesar's countrymen came to suspect that he might have been harboring some secret ambition of kingship: "When he placed his own statue alongside the figures of the seven ancient kings of Rome, and when he adopted for his own use the golden throne, the ivory scepter and the purple embroidered robe of the former kinds, Roman republicans took alarm." A discerning bunch, those Roman republicans.

Binyam MohamedThey beat him so badly they broke his bones. They cut him with a razor blade while pouring “hot, stinging liquid” in the wounds, chained him in cells with open sewage, kept him in total darkness for almost two years, and drugged and starved him, among other abuses. Why? Because he was a terrorist. Correction: he knew terrorists. OK, at least he was in the same country as terrorists.