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RU-486, the abortion pill, is a dangerous drug that not only kills the unborn infant but endangers the mother’s life and health as well.

George W. Bush is following in the footsteps of his father on the road to the White House and, like the elder Bush, is proving himself to be every inch the Establishment’s man.

Behind the soothing rhetoric about "peace" and "human security" offered by the UN’s masters lurks a diabolical design for the destruction of human liberty.

NRA emblemFor all its blustery rhetoric about standing firm for the right to keep and bear arms, the National Rifle Association’s continuing concessions to gun control exhibit the signs of a split personality.

Under General Pinochet’s leadership, an incipient Communist dictatorship in Chile was stopped cold. Rather than suffer excoriation at the hands of the media, this man should be honored as a hero.

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