healthcareThe good news is that President Obama’s healthcare bill has little chance of passing. The bad news is that the bill may pass, and it reflects the fact that Obama knows absolutely nothing about doctors, clearly doesn’t like them, and doesn’t understand one of the most important codicils of his bills.

Cass SunsteinIt's not surprising that Harvard man Barack Obama wouldn't share late writer William F. Buckley's sentiment that "I would rather be governed by 400 people out of the phone book than the whole faculty of Harvard." In fact, although he won't manage to fill the Congress with the staff of his alma mater, he certainly is making sure his administration is replete with its members.

Willis TowerA militant Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir al Islami (The Islamic Liberation Party), held a recruiting conference in Chicago on Sunday July 19. Not surprisingly, the major liberal-left media pretty much ignored the event, as they have done with countless similar events in recent years.

obama press conference july 22, 2009President Obama has decided to sell a government-directed healthcare system as a deficit control measure. “If we do not control these costs” of healthcare, Obama told reporters in a nationally televised press conference July 22, “we will not be able to control our deficit.” Obama stressed “the biggest driving force behind our federal deficit is the skyrocketing cost of Medicare and Medicaid.”

Obama Press Conference - July 22, 2009President Obama has famously issued a deadline to Congress to pass a healthcare package before the August recess. And those bold marching orders are causing even the press to wonder if it’s the president’s role to tell Congress what laws to pass, and perhaps that the president is assaulting the constitutional separation of powers.