VotingThe left’s war against the Electoral College took on a steep up-tick when President Bush won the presidency while losing the popular vote to Al Gore in 2000. And it continues to pick up steam with new tactics. The modern incarnation of this movement is the “National Popular Vote” movement, which is attempting to get state legislatures to pledge to forego the votes of their people in favor of the national popular vote winner.

Detail of Alice RivlinITEM: The Buffalo News for January 25 called for entitlement reform, noting that, for example, the trustees for Social Security "have long foreseen the problems. In 2011 — just two years from now — Social Security will begin taking in less money than it pays out. Without action, the program's reserves will be depleted by 2041.... Theoretically, Washington should have attended to this problem already, but it is almost certainly better that it didn't."

ObamaJust as President Bush publicly and repeatedly stated that “this nation does not torture,” but then secretly engaged in torture, President Obama’s public rhetoric against torture is increasingly at odds with his decisions to defend John Yoo (the former Justice Department official who authored the "torture memo" justifying Bush administration policy), keep in place policies that have protected torture, and even keep in office Bush-era appointees who helped establish torture policies.

Torture InquiryA Gallup Poll released February 12 revealed that 62 percent of Americans want to investigate or criminally prosecute Bush administration officials who authorized torture in the so-called “war on terror.”  But even though President Obama has said numerous times that “nobody's above the law,” on February 10 he used the Bush administration’s “state secrets” gambit to quash a lawsuit attempting to penalize some of those involved in renditioning torture subjects.

It wasn’t as expensive as one of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’ public works projects, but the strange alliance between President Barack Obama and Sen. Judd Gregg turned out to be a “Bridge to Nowhere” yesterday when the New Hampshire Republican announced he was withdrawing his name for nomination as secretary of Commerce.