The U.S. Constitution assigns the power to declare war to Congress. The North Atlantic Treaty issued by the United States and other founding members of NATO in 1949 states that an attack on any member of the military alliance must be viewed as an attack on all of the members. By becoming a party to NATO, our government subverted the congressional war power, for now an attack on any one of a group of nations would pull the United States into a war with or without a congressional declaration.

Senator ObamaSeveral days ago, Barack Obama delivered a stem-winder of a speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party for president, before a crowd of 80,000 cheering fans at Invesco stadium in Denver. On a stage specially built to resemble a Greek temple, it is not unfair to infer that the Party fully intended that the symbolism of lofty god-likeness should rub off onto the candidate. This, despite his disclaimer of having “great humility.”

Appearing on the CBS interview program Face the Nation on September 7, Senator John McCain said he would have Democrats in his cabinet if elected president.

Ron PaulRon Paul, along with presidential candidates Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party), Cynthia McKinney (Green Party), and Ralph Nader (Independent), held a press conference Wednesday, September 10 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  Bob Barr (Libertarian Party) was not present, but his campaign staff assured Nader less than an hour before the press conference that Barr supports the group’s four-point platform.

Mitt RomneyUnlike Sarah Palin, whose selection as John McCain’s running mate has nearly turned the GOP into the Gal’s Own Party, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is a political veteran.