President-elect Donald Trump has named a longtime close friend as his “special advisor” on deregulation: multi-billionaire activist Carl Icahn.

On Wednesday, the North Carolina legislature rejected a bid to repeal the state’s controversial transgender bathroom law during a one-day special legislative session. The bill failed by a vote of 32-16 after Democrats refused to approve a provision that would ban cities from passing certain pro-LGBT ordinances during what the Republicans called a “cooling off” period.

President Obama says he told Russian President Putin to "knock it off" after his alleged effort to interfere in the U.S. presidential election. With America's long record of interfering in other nation's elections, perhaps Obama should look in the mirror.

Trump is delivering a message: He will be a president not to be trifled with.  By Bob Adelmann

“Free us or you die, cracker!” This was among many incendiary comments made by armed Revolutionary Black Panther agitators marching through Milwaukee streets on Sunday. Calling themselves a “human-rights tribunal,” the men directed vulgar chants at police and complained of “genocide” against black people.

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