Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is asking the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to look into the use of billboards that spy on people. The “spying billboards” use cellular, WiFi, and location information from mobile phones to track passers-by without their knowledge or consent, according to the senator.




The Texas Comptroller’s Office has begun to receive bids from private contractors interested in building the country’s first state gold storage facility, the Texas Bullion Depository (TBD).

ObamaCare insurers who did not get the bailouts they requested are suing the federal government in an attempt to circumvent Congress' power of the purse.

Having nearly wrapped America in the rainbow flag of the homosexual agenda, the Obama administration has now begun the process in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The Obama administration is moving forward with plans to use the Social Security Administration to disarm American citizens deemed ineligible by government bureaucrats to possess a firearm.