Hillary Clinton just might be having flashbacks. As happened with Barack Obama in 2008, her presidential dreams may be dashed, this time by a candidate who’s as different from Obama superficially as he’s similar substantively.

Secretary of State John Kerry last week asked the UN for help vetting immigrants from Central America. But the problems are mostly of our own government's making.

In a debate that had been pared down from nine candidates in December to seven last night, several candidates for the Republican presidential nomination who faced each other in North Charleston, South Carolina, on January 14 became increasingly combative.


Anticipating that Fox Business Network would exclude him from the main primetime Republican debate and relegate him to the "undercard" debate, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “I won’t participate in anything that’s not first tier because we have a first tier campaign.”

Even as the Obama administration ignores the Constitution, at least TransCanada sees it as relevant in its lawsuit.