The Texas GOP’s State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) approved an anti-constitutional convention resolution at their December meeting, setting back an Article V Convention of the States.

Angela Navarro, who has been living in the United States illegally since 2003, has recently taken up residence in a Philadelphia church to avoid deportation. It is an unofficial policy among immigration officials not to apprehend illegal aliens who seek sanctuary in churches.




California's Prop 2 eliminating “basket cages” for hens in California egg farms will likely push egg prices 25 percent higher as it ignores the Constitution's Commerce Clause. 



The Internal Revenue Service has been reeling from the fallout over the scandal involving the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, and a new report is sure to intensify the agency’s growing problems. The report, released December 23 by the Republican-led House committee, reveals a number of significant findings, including that a top official with the IRS had considered going public with the agency’s targeting of conservative groups prior to the 2012 presidential elections, but decided against it.

Under a proposed federal regulation, insurance exchanges would have the option of reassigning some exchange enrollees to cheaper health plans than the ones they selected in the past.