New testimony from a rescued Russian pilot casts Turkey's version of events into doubt, but Russia is showing restraint.

Accusations and recriminations fly in the wake of Turkey's shooting down a Russian Sukhoi-24 after it allegedly violated Turkish airspace.

Imagine a classroom full of children standing at attention beside their desks. With hands over their hearts, they begin the Pledge of Allegiance. However, it is not the Stars and Stripes prominently displayed. Hanging before the attentive children is a blue flag — that of the United Nations. 


Argentina has replaced hardline leftist president Cristina Fernández with a supposed conservative reformer. But will Argentines be willing to accept short-term hardship to finally heal their economic woes?

French President François Hollande, speaking to a gathering of France’s mayors on November 18, stated that his nation has said the country would continue to welcome refugees despite the security concerns voiced by many of his countrymen following the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13.

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