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South Africa Enters “Second Phase” of Communist Revolution

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After another electoral victory in South Africa, the ruling African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) regime plans to pursue what it calls the “radical second phase” of its ongoing revolution. Among other elements, the SACP announced in a statement that the plot involves confiscating private property and businesses as part of “the strategic transformation of the ownership and control function of key commanding heights of the economy.” Some analysts are now sounding the alarm, but it may be too little too late.

As The New American magazine and other sources have documented extensively, South Africa is literally on the verge of becoming a failed state under the rule of a full-blown Marxist-Leninist regime. If the ruling SACP-ANC alliance gets its way, analysts say the once-wealthy nation may end up looking like its wretched neighbor Zimbabwe, run into the ground by mass-murdering Marxist despot Robert Mugabe and his minions. The embattled European-descent South African minority, too, faces perilous times ahead as growing genocide warnings go unreported, unheeded, and ignored.

While the international and even domestic press has been virtually silent on the dangerous acceleration of “revolution” in South Africa, the Communist Party has been largely open about its scheming. In fact, earlier this month, the party’s Central Committee even published a statement entitled “How the radical Second Phase must be pursued.” The document outlined the communist agenda for South Africa and celebrated the party’s ongoing success in dismantling the remaining vestiges of South African liberty and markets.

“Long ignored as an irrelevant ‘scare story,’ the ‘Red danger’ (rooi gevaar) is not just back — it is in control. It never disappeared,” explained Frans Cronje, chief of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). ANC members of Parliament, Cronje continued in his analysis, are being given their instructions and point of view from the party headquarters at the Luthuli-house, where former SACP Secretary General Gwede Mantashe is in charge.

The communists “sit quietly behind the throne, with enormous influence on the line of thought in the ANC,” Cronje continued in his Rapport column following the South African election. “Such influence also makes sense from a historical point of view, because the communists have long been serving as the generator of ideas in the ANC. This last year shows how huge this influence has become.”

Numerous examples of the SACP role in policy were cited by the SAIRR chief. Among them: proposals for even more draconian race-driven affirmative action, proposed jail sentences for violations of “Black Economic Empowerment” schemes, the cancelling of investment agreements with 15 Western countries, a plot to allow government to seize any commercial property without compensation, a ploy to force farmers to surrender 50 percent of their land, the proposed expropriation of parts of the private-security sector, the introduction of legislation to expropriate certain oil and gas investments, and more.

“All this is aimed at government takeover and control,” Cronje noted.

“There can be no clearer indication of the influence of the SACP mind-set on policies,” he added. “Just like the devil, the SACP’s most dangerous asset is its ability to convince the world that it doesn’t exist. Take a closer look and you will realize that the party’s influence is so strong that one could argue that it took control of policy development. It must be clear that our country is on the fast track to the SACP’s vision of a socialist state first, and eventually a full-blown communist state.”

Of course, as top Communist Party and ANC officials have admitted, the ANC — dominated for decades by the SACP and bankrolled by the Soviet Union and Western globalists — is and has been crucial to the whole communist “revolution” due to its support among segments of the population. After the latest election, however, the SACP and its shadowy operations are becoming increasingly visible. Indeed, estimates cited in Afrikaner press reports suggest that over 40 percent of President Jacob Zuma’s newly appointed cabinet is composed of current and former SACP operatives.

As The New American has been reporting for months, the lies surrounding Mandela’s Communist Party affiliation have all crumbled since his death. Both the SACP and the ANC, for example, admitted in official statements after his death that the idolized revolutionary had in fact served on the Soviet-backed Communist Party’s decision-making Central Committee. More recently, the release of Mandela’s original autobiography — before it was sanitized by an operative currently working in the Obama administration — revealed the former president and ANC chief’s affinity for violence, communist terror, and more.

Today, the communists even openly boast of their success in seizing power. “The [Central Committee] noted the election of a significant number of SACP members to national and provincial legislatures, as well as the appointment of Central Committee members as Ministers and Deputy Ministers in national government,” the party bosses said in their public statement. “Other CC members have been appointed as MECs [Members of the Executive Council, or provincial cabinet] in provinces and as premier of the Eastern Cape province.”

The SACP also bragged about its role in perpetuating its ANC front-group domination of government power. “The SACP Central Committee at the beginning of March called on the working class to close ranks to ensure an ANC election victory to advance, deepen and defend the gains achieved over the past 20 years,” the statement continued. “We are proud to record that SACP activists rose to the challenge. Tens of thousands of SACP red brigade volunteers throughout the country injected energy and consistency into the ANC election campaign.”

In its statement on the recent elections, where the SACP-dominated ANC again crushed its fractured opposition despite the ongoing implosion of South Africa, the Communist Party Central Committee said the time had come for the revolution to enter its next stage. “Let us now carry forward the momentum — from our election victory to a second radical phase of the national democratic revolution!” the SACP bosses said.

President Zuma (shown, along with the South African parliament building), a “former” SACP member who has come under severe fire for corruption, rape, and regularly singing songs about exterminating white South Africans, appears to be fully on board with the communist plot to fundamentally transform the nation. As the SACP statement put it, the reelected South African ruler “unambiguously announced a radical new turn as the key priority of his second presidential term.”

The two-phase “revolutionary theory” in question can be traced back to Soviet thinking, experts point out. In South Africa, the first phase involved forcing the white-led “colonial” regime to surrender power so that communist operatives could be placed in charge of every level of governance. Communist powers and Western globalists played a key role in bringing that about. In the beginning, at least, communist theorists argued that a phase of “bourgeois democracy” had to be tolerated as part of the “national democratic revolution.”

The “radical second phase,” however, calls for the creation of a full-blown socialist dictatorship to erect what the communist conspirators refer to as a “workers’ state.” After allowing elements of the market economy to build up communist might during phase one, the coming segment of the revolution aims to consolidate full control over industry, land, resources, government, capital, credit, and even society itself.

“The fundamental content of such a second phase is the transformation of the key structural features of our economy that reproduce poverty, inequality and unemployment,” the SACP statement this month declared. “These structural features are embedded in the continued domination of the economy by the mineral-energy-finance monopolies that have been complicit in massive capital flight and an ongoing investment strike.” Of course, in reality, the capital flight and “investment strike” are the result of communist scheming, not some sort of business conspiracy.

Boasting of its ongoing central planning schemes such as the “New Growth Path policy,” the “Industrial Policy Action Plan,” and a gargantuan “infrastructure build” program, the SACP called for the acceleration and consolidation of “state-led initiatives.” It also demanded more “long-range planning, now institutionalized more firmly within government,” a major focus on “skills training” to prepare South Africans for their centrally planned jobs, and the “more effective leveraging” of key state-owned “financial institutions,” such as the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

Other “critical elements of a radical second phase” of its “National Democratic Revolution” include stepping up the nationalization of private property and non-government assets. The SACP demanded, for example, the “strategic transformation of the ownership and control function of key commanding heights of the economy; and accelerated land reform in both rural and urban areas, focused on food production and safety, sustainable livelihoods and integrated urbanization.” Already-terrorized farmers now literally have a target on their backs.

If the SACP-ANC regime succeeds in its plans, South Africa will go the way of every other nation in history that has been enslaved under communist tyranny. Poverty will explode, freedom will vanish, unrest will accelerate, and misery will reign alongside brutal autocracy. At present, with the world refusing to pay attention or even enabling the plot, there appear to be few obstacles in the way. Even more troubling, though, is that South Africa’s ruthless communists are hardly alone.

Photos at top: President Jacob Zuma; South African parliament building

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is currently based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU.

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  • Comment Link William Jarett Saturday, 05 July 2014 21:19 posted by William Jarett

    The fact that they have Zimbabwe's proven failure as such a stark example of where these policies must inevitably lead means they are setting about to deliberately destroy the South Africa as a functioning advanced nation. There can me NO claim of ignorance on their leaders part for what will result from their actions.

  • Comment Link Patriot57 Saturday, 05 July 2014 07:50 posted by Patriot57

    Thank you New American for telling the truth while the rest of the media remains asleep at the wheel. Pray for South Africa and especially the Afrikaners.

  • Comment Link Johnathan Mann Wednesday, 02 July 2014 08:14 posted by Johnathan Mann

    I am a South African with indebt knowledge of the political and economic situation in South Africa. In my view it is critical to remain absolutely calm and to see all these events in a relative light. For a communist revolution, you need zeal. You need people that are passionate about communism or socialism. If anything, relations in South Africa is improving and the overwhelming majority of people are moving in the direction of more capitalism, a Western outlook on life. But there are those 20% who threaten CEOs, board members, businesses. But that is how far things have gone. So just relax. The overwhelming weight is towards tolerance and working together. 80% of the people. The country still has its checks and balances in place and tries to follow democratic procedures.

  • Comment Link Frank M. Pelteson Tuesday, 01 July 2014 17:24 posted by Frank M. Pelteson

    We mustn't forget that Henry Kissinger and the folks at Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street, New York, NY 10065 are complicit in this up to their armpits.

    The John Birch Society knows.

  • Comment Link Heidi Preston Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:18 posted by Heidi Preston

    Interestingly enough Weishaupt (founder of Illuminati group) law of FIVE is quite similar to the description Yuri Bezmenov a KGB defector who was trained in sabotaging a Nation through Stalin/Lenin techniques.

    Weishaupt law of FIVE
    1. Chaos
    2. Discord
    3. Confusion
    4. Bureaucracy
    5. Aftermath

    KGB training lectured by Yuri Bezmenov
    1. Stage 1=Demoralization
    It takes about 15-20years (this is a generational bias of brainwashing being installed by the "useful idiots"-Stalin, such as media, academics,politicians who have been bought,business, Government,Civil servants, Education system. The programming and parroting act.

    2.Stage 2-Crisis.
    Manufactured crisis always an uprising, revolt, war, civil unrest. According to him it takes six weeks to bring it to the VERGE of crisis...let it fester. Destabilization of economy, promises of replacing the old regime with a good regime, new institutions, new reforms.

    3. Stage 3-Normalization.
    May last indefinitely depending on rate of success.

    4.Stage 4 Destabilization
    With the VIOLENT change of power, structure and economy the destabilization begins. Self -appointed leaders,the new rulers need to get rid of the "useful idiots" they are no longer needed and have become their enemies because they woke up and realized they are not the ones in power after all. They know too much and are either executed or discredited through the media or put in prison. Informers identify and rat out each other who have been put in place long before the transition takes place. Marxist/Leninist don't tolerate people willing to revolt against a government and dissension is not allowed under communism. The illusion and reality under communism are two very different things and the truth is there will be no place to run to....according to a former KGB operative.

  • Comment Link S. TOBEY Monday, 30 June 2014 18:10 posted by S. TOBEY

    The United States and the rest of the world should have left South Africa alone! Now we have condemned the white minority in that country to displacement and death. There have been many, many vicious murders of white South Africans by the blacks in that country; and it will only get worse, even though the bought-and-paid-for media refuse to report these atrocities to the world.

    Why isn't the world up-in-arms over the muslim countries throughout the world that insist upon literally enslaving one half of their populations - the female half? Because that does not fall within the realm of political correctness. Our world is FUBARed. I eagerly await the return of Jesus Christ to set this world to rights.

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