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Wednesday, 11 May 2011 12:18

Muslim Mob Kills 12 Christians in Attack on Church in Egypt

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Essam Sharaf, Egypt's prime minister since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak on March 3, 2011, convened an emergency cabinet meeting after 12 people were killed in Cairo when deadly violence broke out between Muslims and Christians over the alleged conversion of a Christian woman to Islam.

As reported by various news outlets, a mob of about 500 ultra-conservative Muslims known as Salafists gathered Saturday outside the Saint Mina Church in Imbaba, a suburb of Cairo. The enraged crowd demanded that the Christians at the church release a woman they insisted had converted to Islam but was being kept captive by the leadership of the church.

The core of the group consisted of Salafists. Salafism is associated with a literalist approach to Islamic theology. A small branch of Salalfis espouse violent jihad (holy war) against the West and against all non-literal interpretations of the Quran. They are an extreme cohort of Sunni Muslims that oppose popular government and more ostensibly moderate Shia rulers.

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