The United Nations is looking to the West African nation of Mali as the next test case for its Right to Protect doctrine, as it calls for international intervention and plots an invasion of the country.

After having recently left thousands dead from overthrowing the governments ruling Libya and the Ivory Coast, the United Nations, urged on by the new Socialist French government and assorted African regimes, is already plotting its next invasion to deal with the fallout. This time Northern Mali is in the UN’s crosshairs after the country was taken over by Islamists and nomadic rebels amid a military coup d’état that ousted the government in the South.

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, the Fox Valley Conservative Forum, which meets regularly for a luncheon on Tuesdays in Appleton, Wisconsin, hosted a talk by South African Sonia Hruska, who now lives in the United States. She discussed the ongoing racial genocide against white people in her country under the largely communist-controlled ANC government of Jacob Zuma.



More than nine months after Boko Haram, an Islamist terror organization in Nigeria, demanded that Christians immediately vacate the northern states of that African nation, Christians are continuing to be murdered while the government struggles to wage a campaign against the destabilizing guerrilla forces.

After nearly two years of support from the Obama administration for the “Arab Spring” movement that Islamists used to gain power, the new president of Egypt is rewarding his American ally with the retort: “You’re not an ally — you’re a friend.”

A September 22 article for the New York Times highlights a host of problems with the relationship between the United States and Egypt with its headline: “Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for U.S.-Arab Ties.” Egypt — the most powerful nation to have its previous government swept away by an Islamist insurgency in the past two years — is now set forth as the gatekeeper to American foreign policy in the entire region. And the relationship between the United States and Egypt will now be determined by that party which had been previously perceived to be the junior partner.

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