North Korea has ratcheted up its hostile rhetoric, saying that it is ready to "settle accounts with the U.S." after two American B-2 bombers participated in recent military exercises in South Korea.

Reports of a chemical weapon attack in Syria’s Aleppo Province last week provoked leaders and politicians to advocate more fiercely for the overthrow of the Assad regime, despite the vague details surrounding the attack. Current data seem to suggest, however, that it was not government forces behind the attack, but rebel forces.

Reports of a chemical-weapons attack in Syria have the “rebels” and their allies among Western governments and Sunni Arab dictatorships blaming the Bashir al-Assad regime, while the regime and its foreign partners such as authorities in Russia are blaming the so-called “revolutionaries” for the alleged deployment. At this point, it remains unclear who really carried out the attack, or even if it actually happened. Advocates of more aggressive U.S. government intervention in the bloody conflict, however, are seizing the opportunity to urge the Obama administration — already deeply and lawlessly involved in backing the Syrian rebels — to put American troops on the ground.



American personnel and allied European governments are secretly training Syrian “rebel” forces at bases in Jordan to wage war against the Bashir al-Assad regime, according to a leading German newspaper and other media reports, which quoted participants and organizers involved in the controversial and almost certainly unlawful operation.




A top general with the Communist dictatorship ruling mainland China, who became infamous in 2005 for threatening to use nuclear weapons to destroy hundreds of U.S. cities, is arriving in Washington, D.C., this week as part of a “military exchange program” between the Obama administration and the mass-murdering Chinese regime. The explosive revelations, first exposed Monday by the Washington Free Beacon, sparked an instant public outcry, with critics slamming the visit as everything from a national security threat to a slap in the face to the American people.




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