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After Admitting Failure, UN Targets U.S. and Demands Expanded Drug War

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After sparking outrage from across the political spectrum by demanding that Obama crush marijuana legalization approved by voters in Colorado and Washington State last year, the United Nations and its largely totalitarian member regimes gathered in Vienna, Austria, this week to advance a more vigorous global “war” on unapproved plants and substances. Despite openly admitting that drug use has not declined after decades of prohibition, the top global narcotics bureaucrat — a former Soviet diplomat — claimed the UN-mandated drug war must expand.

Gathered at the 56th session of the UN “Commission on Narcotic Drugs” (UN CND), which runs March 11-15, self-styled international “authorities” and national governments discussed the fact that, despite trillions of taxpayer dollars spent and hundreds of thousands killed in recent decades, the prevalence of illegal drug usage was not decreasing. Rather than rethinking the controversial global war, as many prominent critics have suggested, the assembled drug warriors insisted that more and more war was necessary.

Unsurprisingly, UN officials also claimed they needed more money and power to fight and lead the so-called “war on drugs.” Among the top targets this year are the United States, which — despite slavish devotion to waging and financing the deadly UN war around the world — has increasingly defied UN drug treaties at the state level. Indeed, almost two dozen states have nullified unconstitutional federal statutes and UN treaties by legalizing marijuana for recreational or medicinal use.   

During his opening remarks at the summit on March 11, Executive Director Yury Fedotov of the UN “Office on Drugs and Crime” (UNODC) claimed his planetary bureaucracy “has a primary institutional role to play in defining the international drug control system of the 21st Century.” The former Soviet Communist diplomat-turned UN drug czar also bragged that the global “war” was expanding under his leadership, boasting of all the new offices and regional schemes popping up around the globe.  

“The [UN] CND has the knowledge, experience and commitment to provide the international community with a roadmap to confront these threats and challenges,” Fedotov claimed, sparking mixed reactions from the more than 1,000 attendees at the Vienna summit. “We are introducing regional and country programs that deliver assistance where it is needed. We are building strong partnerships with other UN agencies, and promoting political commitment at the highest international levels.”

The former Soviet diplomat, who got his “foreign service” career started as a U.S.S.R. delegate to the UN “Disarmament Committee” in 1972, also touted the "International Cooperation against the World Drug Problem" resolution adopted by the dictator-dominated UN General Assembly last year. He told the summit in Vienna that, in addition to promoting so-called “sustainable development,” the world needed to follow the UN plan on narcotics, “which emphasizes the importance of both the universality of the three international drug conventions, as well as their effective implementation.”

In other words, regardless of national sovereignty or the wishes of voters, the draconian UN drug ban must apply to the whole earth and every person inhabiting it. On top of that, the prohibition must be implemented in a way deemed acceptable by increasingly power-hungry planetary bureaucrats. According to Fedotov, though, the global narcotics regime is about much more than just establishing worldwide regulation over unapproved substances while further empowering the UN.  

“Building synergies between our approaches to law, health and alternative development is a necessity,” the former Soviet diplomat concluded, though he did not explain why such a controversial idea was even desirable — let alone needed. “All of these activities must also be reinforced by a sense of shared responsibility, which we should never allow to be weakened.”

Speaking before the UN summit in Vienna, another top international narcotics bureaucrat blasted voters and certain American states for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes and — in Colorado and Washington so far — recreational use as well. UN “International Narcotics Control Board” boss Raymond Yans claimed — falsely, of course — that U.S. states were not free to set their own drug policies because legalization or decriminalization would allegedly violate invalid, decades-old UN treaties.

"They also undermine the humanitarian aims of the drug control system and are a threat to public health and wellbeing," Yans claimed, though he did not elaborate on how putting sick people in prison for consuming medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor could be considered “humanitarian.” It was also not immediately clear how medicinal use of cannabis was a “threat” to public health or wellbeing, though Yans alleged that medical marijuana initiatives were actually "a back-door to legalization for recreational use."

In an apparent effort to justify his bloated salary, Yans and his UN office also claimed that there were dangerous new drugs constantly appearing on the market in need of global regulation. So, in addition to requiring more money and power for the UN, national governments also need to hop on the bandwagon to deal with an essentially infinite number of substances that the planetary drug warriors potentially may not approve of.

As The New American reported in November, Yans sparked outrage from across the political spectrum last year when he publicly demanded that Obama smash state sovereignty and ignore the will of voters in jurisdictions that had approved legal marijuana. Liberals were outraged that the successful nullification efforts to legalize marijuana were under attack. Conservatives, meanwhile, blasted the notion that the Obama administration — much less the widely criticized and ridiculed UN, composed primarily of autocrats — had any business or authority meddling in state affairs.  

Of course, the U.S. federal government has no constitutional power to regulate drugs or any other substances, either domestically or abroad — that is why alcohol prohibition, for example, required a properly ratified amendment to the Constitution. Despite being a party to invalid UN drug treaties, the U.S. government cannot expand its powers beyond those delegated to it in the Supreme Law of the Land simply by ratifying a treaty.

There are misinformed individuals — and others out to deliberately deceive the public— who claim that ratification of an international treaty supersedes the U.S. Constitution. That absurd myth, however, is easily debunked, and has been since America’s founding. “I say the same as to the opinion of those who consider the grant of the treaty-making power as boundless,” noted Thomas Jefferson in 1803. “If it is, then we have no Constitution.”

More recently, the Supreme Court ruled in the landmark 1957 Reid v. Covert case on the obvious fact that Washington, D.C., could never expand its lawful powers just by signing and ratifying an international treaty. In its ruling, the high court found that "no agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress, or on any other branch of Government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution."

The UN, however, is apparently either unaware of the U.S. Constitution, or is simply seeking to make it irrelevant. UN INCB boss Yans said last week that he had “warned” Obama that medical cannabis had to be “properly” regulated. "In some U.S. states they are being operated in a way that is completely inappropriate and outside of the [UN] conventions," claims the latest report from his global bureaucracy, released shortly before the summit in Vienna.

Apparently, instead of laughing at the demand, disgraced U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder “reassured” the global agency on the issue, promising that unconstitutional federal prohibition statutes would remain in force. Despite those assurances, however, some 20 states have already nullified the unconstitutional federal “laws” and the UN treaties purporting to mandate them. More are already working to do the same.

Holder, meanwhile, is still facing criminal Contempt of Congress charges for lying about arming Mexican drug cartels in operation Fast and Furious, which used taxpayer money to send thousands of high-powered weapons to murderous cartels. While the Justice Department chief is currently abusing his position to shield himself from prosecution, analysts say it will be hard to escape justice forever.

Ironically, while American voters are under UN fire for nullifying lawless power grabs by the U.S. government and self-styled international “authorities,” the Islamic dictatorship in Iran is being celebrated. “In war on drugs, Iran is the number one partner of the United Nations,” a UN ODC official was quoted as saying over the weekend in regime-run media outlets.

In multiple news reports, Iranian propagandists boasted that the theocratic dictatorship has already spent some $700 million to seal its borders as part of the regime’s own UN-mandated anti-drug efforts. Meanwhile, the state-run press reported that around 4,000 Iranian police officers have been killed waging the war over the last three decades. The UN is apparently quite pleased. 

While Iran, Obama, and the UN pursue and expand their lawless international drug war, critics of the scheme are growing in number and strength every day. Across Latin America, even heads of state are calling for legalization and an end to the admittedly failed policy of international prohibition. In the United States, the tide of public opinion is turning as well, with most voters already supporting marijuana legalization.

Like governments throughout history, the UN and its member regimes want more power, and the drug problem is just one of the myriad justifications for more power offered in recent decades. However, as with the increasingly discredited global-warming alarmism, it appears that the global war on narcotics may end up backfiring as well. 

Photo of UNODC Executive Director Yuri Fedotov speaking at the conference in Vienna March 11: AP Images

Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is currently based in Europe. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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  • Comment Link voiceofthenameless Tuesday, 19 March 2013 08:39 posted by voiceofthenameless

    further consideration on this matter is the money that will soon be made by the War Monger sector. Drones are being pushed as "defending against terrorists" inside our borders, but will be used to cover more territory and will uncover even more plants grown outdoors. Have no fear, congress will yet destroy the marijuana crops at alarming rates - further pushing our youth to abusing pharmaceuticals and taking far more dangerous drugs like "bath salts". It is inevitable for humans to want to experience a high, to put away for the night the ever pressing corruption, lies, and requirements of a "civilalized society".

  • Comment Link voiceofthenameless Tuesday, 19 March 2013 08:32 posted by voiceofthenameless

    This is all about big pharmaceuticals/ big money - period. For now, it natural pain relief. They are already moving for check mate on natural treatments for malaria and attacking the right for individuals to grow food/farmers to recycle seed. Whether it makes sense or not - corporations are abusing the Patient system to stem the unquenching thirst for money and power.

  • Comment Link Dan Richeson Sunday, 17 March 2013 03:18 posted by Dan Richeson


    Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

    Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people.

    Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.

    Whereas for too long now it has been observed that disregard and contempt for human rights has been allowed to exist in the body of politically motivated law that outlaws the possession, cultivation and use of cannabis by adults.

    The signatories of this Declaration wish to live in peace in this society, have been engaged in constant communication with their elected representatives individually or as part of groups.

    The actions of the government in this regards demonstrates continued contempt and disregard that we the undersigned feel that we have NO RECOURSE but to regard our government and some of our fellow citizens as hostile towards our declared rights and indifferent to the tyranny, oppression and terrorism that we have too long had to deal with.

    Whereas by this declaration we provide the opportunity and impudence for representatives to engage in good faith negotiations which will lead to peaceful co-exisistance.

    Whereas we the undersigned do hereby declare that IT IS OUR RIGHT to cultivate, possess and use cannabis AND that any law that says otherwise will be treated by us as the tool of tyranny.

    Whereas we the undersigned in declaring our desire to realize our liberties and our desire to live in peace also recognize that the point is near where our rights and liberties will have to be defended.

    Whereas we the undersigned are willing to do all we can to avoid conflict we hope that this WARNING also provides our fellow citizens and our representatives the impudence to also seek peace and understanding within our society.



  • Comment Link J. Warren Clark Friday, 15 March 2013 19:55 posted by J. Warren Clark

    "Prohibition is nothing less than a grotesque dystopian nightmare; if you support it you must be either ignorant, stupid, brainwashed, insane or corrupt."
    Malcolm Kyle's comments above say it all. In most cases his whole list applies to our so-called "representatives." As for the One World Order folks, they are of course shrewd, but that is a lower use of the mind and in the end they are not that intelligent, not really. The whole game, looked at from the outside is just pretty stupid. JWC

  • Comment Link J. Warren Clark Friday, 15 March 2013 14:55 posted by J. Warren Clark

    "Prohibition is nothing less than a grotesque dystopian nightmare; if you support it you must be either ignorant, stupid, brainwashed, insane or corrupt."
    Malcolm Kyle's comments above say it all. In most cases his whole list applies to our so-called "representatives." As for the One World Order folks, they are of course shrewd, but that is a lower use of the mind and in the end they are not that intelligent, not really. The whole game, looked at from the outside is just pretty stupid. JWC

  • Comment Link malcolm kyle Friday, 15 March 2013 07:29 posted by malcolm kyle

    Prohibitionists like Yury Fedotov are neither civil nor productive members of society, they are soulless parasites and inhuman, oppressive criminals from whom protection is required.

    Maybe many of the early Prohibitionists did not really intend to kill hundreds of thousands worldwide, or put 1 in every 30 American adults under supervision of the correctional system. But similar to our "Great Experiment" of the 1920s, the prohibition of various other drugs has once again spawned rampant off-the-scale criminality & corruption, a bust economy, mass unemployment, a mind-boggling incarceration rate, a civil war in Mexico, an un-winnable war in Afghanistan, and an even higher rate of drug-use (both legal & illegal) than in all other countries that have far more sensible policies.

    Prohibition is nothing less than a grotesque dystopian nightmare; if you support it you must be either ignorant, stupid, brainwashed, insane or corrupt.

  • Comment Link Alexander Dowding Thursday, 14 March 2013 16:03 posted by Alexander Dowding

    So you admit the War on Drugs is a failure if drug use has not decreased and yet you advocate more of the same?!!! Are you people totally out of touch with reality? How deluded can one possibly be? The War on Drugs is a war against human life! Disgusting how you pretend to have peoples best interests at heart! I wish the INCB and its worthless conventions would become irrelevant... and the sooner the better!

    Oh do butt out of it you old suited fools at the International Narcotics Control Board. Your conventions are no longer relevant or required and neither are you! Your policies belong firmly in the last millennium. Why don't you dinosaurs just go extinct with some shred of dignity. The people of Colorado and Washington states voted democratically to introduce these pieces of legislature. They have the mandate of the people.
    Stop trying to force your skewed moralistic views upon everyone else. The people are not stupid. We know that you are only trying to protect your own racket! The louder you shout the more desperate you appear to be!

    Cannabis will continue on its global path to legalization. DEAL WITH IT!

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