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Monday, 30 May 2011 23:30

G8 Promises Billions in Aid to the Arab Spring

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G8 FranceAt last week’s meeting held in Deauville, France, the assembled leaders of the so-called G8 (the “wealthiest industrialized nations”) agreed to send at least $20 billion dollars to Egypt and Tunisia to help the nascent governments in those countries to spur their economic growth. The G8 leaders hope that a large infusion of aid money will prevent these countries from sliding away from the “democracy” they claim to be establishing.

Many of the leaders attending the Group of 8 working meetings last Thursday and Friday expressed concern that in the absence of a quick infusion of significant cash, the summer following the Arab Spring will burn and wither the new buds of democracy taking root in the Middle East. “We members of the G8 strongly support the aspirations of the Arab Spring, as well as those of the Iranian people,” proclaimed in a memo published after the conclusion of the late night confab.

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