In a procession led by a man dressed as the Grim Reaper, more than 2,000 people commemorated the closing of the Kellingley Colliery mine at Beal in North Yorkshire by marching about a mile from the town hall in Knottingley (in West Yorkshire) to a rally at the Kellingley Miners’ Welfare Club.



An Irish evangelical preacher was put on trial for allegedly making "grossly offensive" remarks about Muslims, namely that he doesn't trust them.

The Russian government of Vladimir Putin supports the United Nations climate agreement reached at the climate conference in Paris (COP21).

Donald Trump has been condemned by British officials for saying that Islamized areas exist in London. But now some U.K. police officers have come forward with a startling admission: Trump is right.


The action of the BBC demonstrates the preferred method of advancing the anthropogenic (man-made) climate change theory: censoring any opposing views.

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