The Standard & Poor's downgrade of France's debt to third tier signifies very little: "investment grade" for a socialistic disaster like France removes all meaning from the word.

After sparking an international uproar recently by sending an armed squad of police and social workers to abduct four children from their loving parents over homeschooling, German authorities are again under fire in the case — this time for refusing to allow the Wunderlich family to escape the persecution and find refuge in a more tolerant country that respects parental rights. While the kids were eventually returned to their parents following the terrifying three-week ordeal, officials only re-united the family after securing guarantees that the children would be surrendered for government-approved education.



Liesbeth Lijnzaad, an aide to the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, testified today before the judges at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany, asking the tribunal to order the release of a Greenpeace ship and 30 of its crew members detained by Russia. Lijnzaad asked that the UN body grant an interim order to safeguard the crew’s “rights of liberty and security.”

As European Union bosses openly claim that a “federation” ruled from Brussels is inevitable, a growing coalition of political parties across the EU is coming together in an effort to preserve national sovereignty and self-government while putting the brakes on uncontrolled immigration. Led in large part by prominent political leaders from Holland and France, the budding anti-EU alliance is already being viciously demonized in the establishment press with smears like “radical” and “far-right.” More than a few analysts have compared the developments to the rise of the U.S. Tea Party.

Representatives from Iran and six world powers are meeting in Geneva on October 15 and 16 to discuss Iran’s nuclear program. The powers include the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China.