European nations are frantically trying to accommodate the thousands of immigrants fleeing to Europe from the ongoing civil war in Syria. This massive influx, which has been described as an “invasion,” has prompted many Europeans to arm themselves, fearful that the migrants will cause a rise in violent crime.

Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair apologized for “mistakes” surrounding the Iraq war, and admitted that the controversial regime-change operation helped spawn the rise of the savage Islamic State (ISIS).



The widespread sexual assaults in Germany’s migrant camps provide a vivid illustration of the growing crisis associated with waves of “asylum seekers” from several Middle Eastern countries following Chancellor Angela Merkel's announcement of her country's "open borders" policy. And a similar situation could soon arise in America.

At an emergency EU summit held in Brussels on September 22, heads of government from the European Union approved a plan to distribute 120,000 migrants fleeing turmoil in the Middle East across Europe.


Echoing a prediction by late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, a top Muslim religious leader has prescribed a tactic for conquering Europe: demographic and cultural genocide.

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