New testimony from a rescued Russian pilot casts Turkey's version of events into doubt, but Russia is showing restraint.

Accusations and recriminations fly in the wake of Turkey's shooting down a Russian Sukhoi-24 after it allegedly violated Turkish airspace.

French President François Hollande, speaking to a gathering of France’s mayors on November 18, stated that his nation has said the country would continue to welcome refugees despite the security concerns voiced by many of his countrymen following the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13.

In the wake of last month's elections, Portugal appears to be poised to seat a communist and socialist majority government, just as Greece did earlier this year. But will electing more socialists improve — or worsen — economic problems caused by socialism in the first place?

First, Socialist French politicians loudly backed brutal jihadists in Syria to overthrow the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. Then they supported open borders so those same jihadists and their victims could flood into Europe, where the law-abiding populace has been largely disarmed and left defenseless by those same politicians. Now, the French government and Western politicians are feigning shock over the tragic but entirely predictable terrorist attack that claimed more than 120 lives in Paris. And if the same sort of policies continue, which appears likely at this point, analysts say more attacks in the future are all but inevitable.

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