At an emergency EU summit held in Brussels on September 22, heads of government from the European Union approved a plan to distribute 120,000 migrants fleeing turmoil in the Middle East across Europe.


Echoing a prediction by late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, a top Muslim religious leader has prescribed a tactic for conquering Europe: demographic and cultural genocide.

As the European Union accelerates its largely-under-the-radar usurpation of power, including an ongoing plot to impose a regional finance ministry in charge of taxation and spending without public consent, at least one prominent architect of the integration plot is sounding the alarm. German Professor Otmar Issing, a staunch internationalist widely regarded as the “founding father” of the regional euro currency, issued a strong warning this month about the dangers of trying to create an EU superstate by the back door. In fact, such plotting might even produce an uprising and bring the whole EU down with it, he suggested.

Germany, which has so far taken in the lion’s share of refugees fleeing to Europe from the turmoil in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, has made a sudden change in policy and decided to restrict the flow of migrants across its borders.


With hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing the ongoing civil war in Syria having already arrived in Europe, and with no end in sight, European nations are frantically trying to accommodate the flood of refugees.

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