The Danish government repealed a year-old tax on fatty foods because it wasn't keeping Danes from eating them and was causing job losses.

The British government is attacking a Christian church because it enforces its doctrine.

The government’s Charity Commission has ruled that the Plymouth Brethren Church, which does not permit outsiders to receive communion, is not eligible to be called a charity for tax purposes. Apparently, maintaining rules for who may partake in religious rituals is discrimination, and thus makes a church ineligible to be called charitable.

The Irish approved an amendment to their national constitution on Saturday that will bring it into compliance with mandates of the United Nations that govern the state’s seizure of children. The margin was 57 percent to 43 percent.

To improve business competitiveness and revitalize the economy, France’s government has pledged $25 billion in tax credits to businesses.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has just faced a humiliating defeat in a recent non-binding vote in the House of Commons. Enough members of his own Conservative Party voted against the government — demanding that he deliver substantial reductions in the European Union budget — so that even with the support of his coalition Liberal Party, the vote went against Cameron.