Anyone who has ever told peace activist and human rights crusader Patrick J. Mahoney to "take a hike" will should be happy because he is going on a prayer-walk in Ireland to stave off abortion in that country.

The Russian government announced Saturday that 18 Americans, including former high-level officials of the George W. Bush administration, are banned from entering Russia.

Margaret Thatcher, 87, who passed away on April 8 after suffering a stroke, was the longest-serving prime minister of Great Britain of the 20th century and the only woman to hold the post.

The Cyprus deal announced late Sunday night dictated the terms to Cyprus President Anastasiades and required a "downsizing" of the country's financial sector, aided by daylight robbery of depositors' accounts but calling them "contributions" to save the banks. 



Four days into the worst crisis to hit the island nation since the 1974 invasion by Turkey, Cyprus’ lawmakers did the unthinkable and the unprecedented Tuesday: In voting unanimously to reject the levy on bank savings mandated by EU authorities in Brussels to pay for a bailout, Cyprus has become the first country to openly defy the will of EU financial Powers That Be and the international banking cartel that they serve.