Worse than the fact that powerful child molesters were embedded deep within the British government is that they were protected by that government.


The European Parliament has declared abortion and same-sex marriage to be human rights.

Following the shooting attacks on a synagogue and a free-speech event in Copenhagen on February 15 that left two people dead and the January 9 Porte de Vincennes hostage crisis at a kosher food market in Paris in which four Jewish victims died, some European Jews are considering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that they emigrate to Israel.


Britain’s Nigel Farage was not holding back at the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, France, Thursday when he ridiculed Jean-Claude Juncker’s call for a European Union army in response to Russian support of the armed insurgency by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

Aleksandr Dugin — the Eurasianist ideologue who has called for “genocide” to resolve the conflict in Ukraine — has been added to the list of individuals placed under sanctions by the American government.

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