France is positioned to ban the words “mother” and “father” from legal documents under the country's plan to legalize homosexual “marriage” and give equal adoption rights to both traditional couples and same-sex partners. Under the proposal, which is being aggressively pushed forward by, among others, French president Francois Hollande, the term “parents” would replace “mother” and “father” in an identical marriage ceremony that will be used for both traditional and homosexual weddings.

Bristol, England, has adopted the Bristol Pound, an alternative to the pound sterling, to encourage patronage at local businesses. The BBC reports that “more than 350 firms in the city have signed up, making it the UK's largest alternative to sterling.”

As European Union bosses now openly push for the complete elimination of national sovereignty in favor of a so-called “federation” with its own army, liberty-minded Czech President Vaclav Klaus warned that the destruction of democracy and the nation-state within the EU has entered its final phases. The anti-communist hero has been sounding the alarm for years, but his recent remarks represent the most forceful warning yet about the looming threat posed by the budding supranational regime in Brussels.

Every September 11 the people of Catalonia, an independent region in northeast Spain, celebrate their “national day” — Diada — by taking the day off and parading through the streets of Barcelona. In past years the celebration was a festival used by some citizens as an excuse to get some fresh air, make some noise, and have some fun. This year, nearly one-quarter of the region’s seven million citizens used the celebration as an excuse to swarm into Barcelona to protest Spain’s austerity measures, which have raised unemployment in Catalonia — referred to locally as Catalan — to nearly 25 percent.

On September 19, the Italian Supreme Court upheld the decision of a lower court convicting 23 Americans — 22 of whom were CIA operatives — of kidnapping an Egyptian suspected of aiding al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

A story published by the New York Times reports that the defendants included “22 employees of the C.I.A. and an Air Force colonel at a United States base in Italy.” The article also lists the sentences as seven years for the 22 employees of the CIA and the Air Force colonel. The former CIA station chief in Milan, Robert Seldon Lady, was reported sentenced in absentia to nine years in prison.