Latest opinion poll suggests Obama’s warning that a vote for Brexit will put the UK at the “back of the queue” for any future trade deal with the United States is being disregarded by British voters — or is actually helping the “leave” side.

Anger and alarm over the impact of the EU’s disastrous migration policies have soured Swedes on the EU.

Officials with the European Union and its formerly sovereign member states are conspiring to usurp control over national militaries, with a goal of eventually building a transnational EU military loyal only to the unelected regime ruling Europe. Outrage surrounding the plot, however, is growing.

German and Italian intelligence agencies have uncovered evidence indicating that terrorists are planning attacks this summer at resorts in France, Italy, and Spain.

George Soros is not worried about any security concerns from the refugees in Europe. His fear is that Europe's "open borders" policy and even the European Union itself may collapse. And to save it, he is calling for a tax increase.