“The Greek debt situation is not going away,” observed Robert Zukowski, a senior analyst at 4Cast Limited in New York. His statement came after a one-day rally on Wall Street, which seemed to provide some hope of a rise in the investment market. It is not just the Greek debt situation that is troubling investors; it is concern about a “disorderly” default on Greek sovereign debt. The cost of simply insuring Greek sovereign debt has jumped an astounding 1500 basis points, making it the most expensive of this type of insurance in the world. Standard & Poor’s recently dropped its rating on Greek bonds to “CCC,” which is the lowest of all the 131 nations whose debt it rates.

Police in the neighborhood in London where four Muslims beat a religious education teacher to a pulp have covered up a variety of such crimes, the Sunday Telegraph has reported.

Muslims have attacked homosexuals and other teachers and Muslims who do not obey Islamic dictates, said the paper. The Telegraph added — quoting an anti-Catholic homosexual — that police are covering up the wave of Sharia terror because they do not want to appear to be racist.

If a government official’s recommendation is followed, children in the United Kingdom will no longer learn about “climate change.” Instead, British science teachers will go back to teaching “the basics” of that subject.

For at least the past few years, children in Ireland’s government-run foster-care system have been disappearing, only to be found later working as sex slaves in brothels or private homes. And incredibly, the Irish government has not even been keeping statistics on the number of cases.

The great African migration to Italy continues with the new arrival of thousands of illegal aliens from Libya on the island of Lampedusa, which suffered a deluge of 24,000 Tunisians and Libyans earlier this year.

News reports over the weekend said nearly 1,500 illegal aliens — mostly Africans from other countries — showed up at the island in a matter of hours.

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