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G-8 summit in ItalyThe G-8 — the Group of Eight leading industrial nations (plus five other add-ons: China, India, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa), meeting in the earthquake-ravaged Italian city of L’Aquila this week — have seldom looked more magisterial.

RussiaPresident Obama brought two things on his trip to Russia this week: thousands of outsourced American jobs and a proposal for more nuclear disarmament.

SwedenSweden assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union Wednesday and immediately announced the nation’s top priorities: the economic crisis and the war on “global warming.”

computerThe Wall Street Journal reported on June 22 that the current repressive regime in Iran acquired its capability to spy on Internet communications from two European companies.

BarossoEuropean government leaders ended a two-day summit in Brussels on June 19, after agreeing to create a continent-wide financial regulatory body. EU leaders also agreed to back European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso's bid for another term in office.

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