Yesterday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange surrendered to London police as part of a Swedish sex-crimes investigation. The arrest followed a meeting between Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens and British police, who revealed that they had an arrest warrant from Sweden for Assange. Prior to the arrest, Assange had been hiding out at an undisclosed location in Britain.

Are Germans less tolerant of Islam than the citizens of other European nations? That is the interpretation which some members of the press and adherents of Islam are trying to place on a recent study.

Poland has been historically one of the most serious Christian nations in the world. Lech Welesa, the leader of Solidarity, and Pope John Paul II honorably and effectively used this profound religious faith to bloodlessly end the Soviet occupation and control of the largest Warsaw Pact satellite. When Poland proved impossible for the Kremlin overlords to control, then the end of the “Warsaw” Pact — which could hardly exist without Warsaw itself — was certain.

As the Protestant Christian world gears up to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, which many historians call the “single most important publication in whole of history,” the BBC reports that the United Kingdom is going “Bible bananas” for the anniversary, with perpetual readings, services, and commemorations in churches and cathedrals, a flurry of YouTube postings, and even a party hosted by the Duke of Edinburgh at the Banqueting House at Whitehall, “even though there are 162 days to go before the anniversary of its publication.”

Seventy years after the dastardly deed, Russian officials officially acknowledged that Stalin, brutal dictator of the Soviet Union, personally ordered the massacre of 20,000 Polish officers and other notables at the Katyn forests.