Using the War on Terror as a pretext, Scotland Yard has advised the owners and administrators of internet cafes and other public web access providers in London to monitor their customers’ surfing habits in order to keep an eye out for any “suspicious behavior.”

Europol building in The HagueHer Majesty’s subjects in the United Kingdom are now subject to the prying eyes and ears of a European intelligence agency with powers that rival Hitler’s infamous Gestapo, the Cold War-era KGB, and its progeny the East German Stasi.

Brandenburg GateGermany, which has a higher rate of savings and a lower government debt than other nations in the European Union, is being criticized by officials in nations like Greece, Spain, and Portugal for a “deficit fetish.” The government debt and government spending in a number of European nations have been spiraling out of control. Unions and political pressure have driven up costs, and there is no strong political will in those nations to undertake steps to control debt or spending.

Greece riotsLet us be perfectly clear: The fiscal woes of Greece, one of the European Union’s weaker economies to begin with, are quite likely beyond even the abilities of the denizens of Mount Olympus to solve. Greece, a thoroughgoing socialist basket case for decades, is probably going to lead the rest of the soft economic underbelly of Europe — Spain, Portugal, and eventually Italy — into insolvency, a chain of events that may dissolve Europe’s decades-old experiment in economic unity.

global warming adThe United Kingdom has banned two government-funded advertisements for exaggerating claims of catastrophic man-made global warming. The independent media watchdog organization, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), ruled that mainstream climate science does not support assertions made in the ads, reports the Daily Mail.